Watching horrors – Good or Bad

Nowadays horror is something which is in trend and is mostly preferred by millennial for entertainment purpose. Some people love it, while some may hate it. Well, the question is what is kept in horror that it is widely preferred by millennial in these modern era. The horror is something which can be described as a medium or the quality of something that causes the feeling of fear or shock. In today’s world, it has became a popular art among the movie industry and is a big part of cinema business. Horrors are liked by people so much that it has put people on the edge of their seats which means that they are filled with excitement, nervousness and suspense to find out that what happens next and the audience are demanding more and more scary movies. Joy and excitement of watching horror is really an incredible feeling. Even though many people ask what’s the point of watching horrors if the only thing it does is to scare us and not make us happy ??? Well, this is not true. Horrors are not only meant for scaring people but the entertainment which a scary movie provides is always fun to enjoy.

People watch horrors to get scared , for the thrill and most of all for the entertainment purposes. Horrors have longed to serve a purpose which is to scare us. The joy and excitement of horrors is such a great feeling to have. So many people ask why do people enjoy watching horrors so much when they know that it will make them scare and they won’t be able to sleep the whole night??? Well, this is something really an amazing thing to answer. Horrors are considered as one of the category of art that will make sure that we have got our money worth and that we have not wasted our money on something that we didn’t enjoy. Another fact is that when we go for a horror movie we don’t know about what is going to happen next so that makes us even more excited with the feeling of wanting to watch the horror movie. Every scary movie includes unexpected scenes that makes it more interesting and frightening. Everyone from teenagers to adults enjoy scary movies because they are the ones that tend to keep our attention the whole time we are sitting in a movie theatre. There is also a lot of excitement because we don’t know when something will happen when the movie starts to play.

Hence, we can say that watching horrors is good for us. So here comes some of the positive effects of watching horrors like:-

  • They can burn up to 200 calories – While watching horrors, if we are tensed or getting scared , our heart starts beating at a higher rate and our breath becomes heavy which means that our body is working hard and we are actually burning off calories -even while sitting, so which means that all those shivers and jump really adds up to something good in our body.
  • They relieve stress- After a stressful day, watching horror can really reduce our stress level.
  • They can boost our immune system – Studies have shown that after watching horrors there is an increase in white blood cells in both men and women.
  • They can even increase our brain activity- Mysteries can be considered as a major component of horror movies. While we are watching horrors, we are coming up with questions about the plot, and our mind is working to figure out what’s going on. This is really a great exercise for our brain .

-Watching horrors even help us to solve real world problems – Horror movies don’t just scare us, but they also show us different ways of problem solving . So like when we are faced with such kind of problem in our real life we can help ourselves to come out of that problem.

So these were some of the positive outcomes of watching horrors.

Along with these positive impacts we also have some of the negative impacts of watching horrors like :-

  • Watching horrors gives us a list of negative effects like anxiety, sleeplessness, fear, mental trauma and behavioral changes. When we watch horrors on a regular basis we develop at least one or two of these negative symptoms at some point and still deal with them whether we realize it or not.
  • Phobia- It’s not easy to predict who will develop the phobia from watching horrors, but studies have shown that children and teens are most likely to suffer from phobias than adults.
  • Sleeping Disturbances – Many children and teens have problem to sleep immediately after watching horrors. For most people, it might be short lived while in some cases it may last for about weeks , months or even years. So, in that case we should minimize our habit of watching horrors, or may be we can see it during the day time or by keeping the lights on at night. Therefore, watching horror is fun but it has both negative and positive impacts on our health. If we think that watching horrors is causing us difficulty like sleeping disturbance , phobia, behavioral changes etc. then we should either quit our habit of watching horrors or we should limit ourselves from watching horrors like we should not watch it all day and night.



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