A desire for the perfect body

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and it’s really difficult to tell which is perfect! The idea of the ideal body has changed over the decades and it will keep changing in the future as well. The irony that lies here that it has always been the society that decides which kind of body shape makes a man or woman look desirable. In the earlier times, being petite was a sign of health in women as it signified fertility in them and men found them attractive. As times progressed, the slim bodies started becoming the new beautiful, especially after the famine of the World Wars. The ‘Hourglass figure’ came to be hailed as the perfect body shape for women and men with muscular bodies were deemed to be more eligible for well, everything. 


The Art of Attraction

Things haven’t changed since then and there is no stopping now as all the civilized countries who have food in abundance will continue to see obesity as a disease. But there is nothing wrong with being conscious about one’s health? Of course, there isn’t, but now the pull is towards attaining that perfect size just for the sake of its sexual appeal rather than the health benefits, for which proper exercise and diet is extremely important, which is often neglected. Unfortunately, we live in the times when a right swipe and number of likes decide our social worth. And this constant desire to be the center of attention and admiration is taking away the sanity of youngsters who are sweating tirelessly in gyms for their dream bodies. All this is still alright when done for own’s self and health because that person knows when to stop and the goal is self improvisation, which will eventually happen. The trouble begins when one sees a gym body as a ladder to popularity,

The role of advertisements

The advertising companies are also responsible to a large extent in increasing this gym culture. Whether be it popularity among peers, a marriage proposal, or dream job, everything can be achieved by getting a body that makes you look like a model. It’s their business and business is going good, hence they have no plans of stopping anytime soon. It’s upon one’s understanding to choose to transform their body for themselves. 

A desire for the perfect body
A desire for the perfect body

The mental stress

The anxiety that many teenagers go through because of fat-shaming hurts them. It becomes extremely difficult for them to gain confidence and be comfortable among people. They either become prey to depression or exert themselves to get perfect bodies to please others.

One needs to accept the body type that they have been gifted with and embrace it. It is also equally crucial to understand the importance of personal fitness in terms of health rather than looks. The body is supposed to be cared for as a temple and not a showpiece for others. Hence one should go for weight loss or weight gain only for one’s well being. 


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