A Simple Weight Loss Journey

A Simple Weight Loss Journey
A Simple Weight Loss Journey

Everyone today is running towards a fitter lifestyle. In a world of Punjabi ‘Chole Bhature,’ everyone wants to be the American Salad. The journey from chole bhature to a salad is indeed a difficult one. It is full of ups and downs and requires a lot of hard work and patience. It is not a matter of 2-3 days but can prolong to months or maybe years, but it doesn’t mean one has to stick to a strict diet like the ‘keto diet’.

Here are 5 simple and easy ways –


Remains a misconception among everyone that eliminating food can help losing weight a bit faster than usual. This is a myth, as eliminating food will only add to the deterioration of health. The diet should always consist of healthy foods, such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, boiled eggs, soups, etc. These types of food are highly recommended because not only do they reduce the calories of one’s body but also supply energy to the body. A healthy diet keeps the weight under control and enhances self-confidence too.



Drinks increase the metabolism of the body which is the key to healthy weight loss. It enables a good digestive system that makes weight loss healthier and productive. Some of the detox drinks are green tea, cucumber mint detox drink, coconut water, radiant lemonade, etc. These drinks act as a natural flush for the body; they are antioxidant-rich which increases the body’s detoxification properties. They also boost the immune system while protecting the liver from toxic substances.


A Simple Weight Loss Journey
A Simple Weight Loss Journey

Following a diet is important but it solely won’t be sufficient for the weight loss. Along with a healthy diet, a workout is also very important. It keeps you fit and healthy and burns a lot of calories. Diet and workout together burns a lot of calories. Going for a walk, jogging, dancing, skipping, running, jumping, all add to the burning of calories and losing weight. Not always do complex gym exercises prove fruitful but simple daily activities also act as better workout activities. They are simple and effective.



One thing that should be eliminated is the intake of oily eatables such as ghee, oil, butter, cheese, etc. They increase the cholesterol level in the body risking for heart diseases. It increases the fat in the body making it bulgy. It settles in layers in the body and makes the person lazy and lethargic. It increases carbohydrates content thus risking to more severe health problems.



A prime reason for increasing weight problems nowadays remains the increasing intake of junk foods and somehow dependence over them too. Junk foods completely exploit the health. They ruin it. Increasing cases for obesity nowadays is because of the junk foods. If a healthy and serious weight loss journey has to be accomplished junk foods should completely disappear from the daily routines.


Losing weight is not always complex but it does require dedicated efforts and hard work. It is not easy but not impossible because the word also says ‘I am POSSIBLE’. A strong will towards it will surely work.





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