Anger control || Self-improvement


Our third most important point of Self- Improvement is Anger Control.

Anger control:-
So getting angry in any situation may ruin your Self-improvement process as anger is the enemy of everything good happening to you.

We will start from what issues you face by getting angry?
• Mental dis-satisfaction
• Relationship issues
• Unsuccessful in your profession
• Very bad for communication skills
• Bad effects on health
• Emotional imbalance

All the above issues are just an example, there are lot more issues then these. The main motive is to control your anger and stay calm in every situation because it will give you time to think over the issue for a while then you should react as it may get you through it with a win-win situation.

Anger management is very beneficial in communication skills as your anger can get out the things which are not suitable for the situation and it may lose your grip and the information might not be transferred. Also the anger can affect your health, habits, routine, relationships etc.

Anger control basically can be done by exercising, meditation, think before your speak when you are angry etc.

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