Corona Virus Update | Covid-19


It is surprising to note that the first pandemic occurred in China around 5,000 years ago. It is still preserved and is located in ’ Hamin Mangha’. The recently declared pandemic by WHO also started in China only.


corona virus update - COVID-19

If we take a moment to sit back and observe the kind of world we are choosing to live in, we might discover that we are a part of an incredibly disintegrated universe. But there are times when some urgent issues unite a certain group of individuals for the good old cause. Earlier, it was terrorism, climate change, poverty, unemployment ( the endless list ) which makes coping from them seem inevitable. Currently, it is COVID-19. This highly divisive world seems united against this deadly disease.

The year 2020 came off as very eventful since its commencement. By 4th January only, the weather made headlines and it was allegedly deemed to be the coldest day of the year. Protests, mob killings succeded the harsh winter and only by the third month, we are facing an outbreak which is spreading through continents in a heartbeat. The present situation has had people comparing it to post-apocalyptic scenarios.

The only armament we possess is our homes and hand washes. People are acknowledging the perils of this virus and responding to it with respect. However, some can be called out as rebels or just idiots.
Strangely, it took a whole pandemic to make the air fair so inexpensive. Millennials taking advantage of the current scenario are choosing to brave this horror of an outbreak and being so certain of their strong immune systems are traveling around the world.
Panic is gripping and overcoming people’s common sense and they are hoarding the goods as they believe that they might need it in the future.
The majority of them are not only interested in groceries but astoundingly toilet rolls are observed to be in high demand.


Amidst the stress-filled atmosphere, some have taken a sigh of relief as they sit back at home and enjoy a paid vacation. People are making the most of it as some indulge in activities that are productive and practical.
Throughout ages, the human race has witnessed an infinite number of calamities whether natural or man-made. Similarly, several pandemics which impress upon us the fact that they are not a thing if past. These are still creeping into our lives at present.

This has got people asking if they have brought this down on themselves, if it’s nothing else but karma? Believe it or not, some people do think that it is.


The ultimate truth is that nature has cunning ways to get back what’s taken from it. The Spanish flu, the deadliest pandemic only occurred just after World War 1, when it ended up killing over 1000000 or more people. A few more followed up to it and has its effects on human life till date.
COVID-19 has already taken around 13000 lives and more cases are reported every hour. This will leave a trace in the pages of history and will be a bitter reminder of the fact that we are responsible for our health and of people around us as well.

-S. Suri


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