Bahrain Population 2022

Bahrain map
  • The current population of Bahrain is estimated at 1,820,939 people as of June, 2022, according to the latest population growth rate and projections.
  • Population of Bahrain represent 0.02% of the total world population.
  • The population density of Bahrain is 1,912 inhabitants per km2.
  • Bahrain is located in Asia.
  • Bahrain ranks number 152 in the list of countries ordered by population.
  • The latitudinal point of Bahrain is 26.2009° N. The longitudinal coordinate of the country is 50.6060° E.
  • The median age in Bahrain is 32.50 years.
  • Minimum Wages in Bahrain 300 BHD per month for the public sector workers. Around 790 USD per month.
  • The countries that Bahrain shares its land boundary with are not existent (has just maritime borders with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iran).


Official name Kingdom of Bahrain
Location Asia
Capital 1,913
Population 1,820,939 (as of June, 2022)
Population density 1,912/km2
Area 785 km2 (303.09 sq mi)
Official language Arabic
Currency Bahraini dinar (BHD)
Life expectancy 73.50 years
Internet TLD .bh
Call code +973

Cities in Bahrain ordered by Population

The list offered below features the biggest cities of Bahrain. Besides, in the table you will find information regarding the population size in these cities. Cities are ordered by population (largest to smallest).


# City Population 2022
1 Manama 149,442
2 Al Muharraq 98,627
3 Ar Rifa' 80,409
4 Dar Kulayb 66,265
5 Madinat Hamad 53,609
6 Madinat `Isa 38,418
7 Sitrah 38,116
8 Jidd Hafs 32,014

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