Marshall Islands Population 2022

Marshall Islands map
  • The current population of Marshall Islands is estimated at 59,995 people as of August, 2022, according to the latest population growth rate and projections.
  • Population of Marshall Islands represent 0.00% of the total world population.
  • The population density of Marshall Islands is 293 inhabitants per km2.
  • Marshall Islands is located in Ocenia.
  • Marshall Islands ranks number 195 in the list of countries ordered by population.
  • The latitudinal point of Marshall Islands is 7.115310° N. The longitudinal coordinate of the country is 7.115517° E.
  • The median age in Marshall Islands is 23.8 years.
  • Minimum Wages in Marshall Islands is USD $2.00 per hour, as of 2022.
  • The countries that Marshall Islands shares its land boundary with are not existent. It has just maritime borders with wake Island to the north, Kiribati to the southeast, Nauru to the south, and the Federated States of Micronesia to the west.

Marshall Islands

Official name Republic of the Marshall Islands
Location Ocenia
Capital Delap-Uliga-Djarrit, Majuro
Population 59,954 (as of June, 2022)
Population density 293/km2
Population growth rate 0.52% (in 2022)
Area 181.43 km2 (70.05 sq mi)
Official language Marshallese and English
Currency United States dollar (USD)
Life expectancy 74.30 years
Internet TLD .mh
Call code +692

Cities in Marshall Islands ordered by Population

The list offered below features the biggest cities of Marshall Islands. Besides, in the table you will find information regarding the population size in these cities. Cities are ordered by population (largest to smallest).

Marshall Islands

# City Population 2022
1 Majuro 25,621
2 Ebaye 15,107
3 Arno 2,097
4 Jabor 1,218

Other Countries from Ocenia Ranked by Population

Country Name Population 2022 Population density
Papua New Guinea 9,283,741 15/km2
New Zealand 4,917,049 19.1/km2
Fiji 939,221 46/km2
Solomon Islands 721,617 18.4/km2
Micronesia 552,921 204/km2
Samoa 202,985 70/km2
Kiribati 122,344 152/km2
Marshall Islands 59,954 293/km2
Palau 18,215 46.8/km2
Nauru 10,950 480/km2