Daily routine || Self-improvement

Our second most important point of Self- Improvement is Daily routine.

Daily routine:-

So our daily routine is very important for self-improvement like when do we get up, what do we do the whole day, what is our job, etc.

We will start from the beginning, getting up in the morning if you’re getting up at 10 am in the morning don’t expect your life to be very happening or extra ordinary as the best time of the day to get some good energy is already over. See self-improving means you need to be good at things you do or to be happy etc. and you cannot do all this if you get up late in the morning.

How to do that:

Firstly, get up at around 6:00 am in the morning and do 2-3 things which can be done easily first is clean your bed and set your bed sheet and pillow by things you will accomplish your 1 task of the day in 5 minutes which will boost your moral that you have to do stuff and complete it. Secondly if you have some plants in your balcony or house, water them and breed them properly this will encourage you to make other feel better by doing these 2 tasks you will get the energy to do things straight and all your laziness will be gone in the first 20 minutes of your day.

Now if you have any sitting job or office job then you don’t have any excursion the whole which states you need some workout also in the morning so jogging or gym workout will boost your metabolism. At least 45 minutes of workout or jogging will give you a good boost. After that you have to take a bath and mediate for at least 15 to 20 minutes this will calm your mind and you will be ready for facing the struggles of the day.

In the evening when you come back home from your job or office you need to take a bath directly as coming home tired and having your dinner will make you feel more tired so in the evening after office take a shower and get dressed in casual wear then have your dinner by this you will be ready to sleep well and this will make you get up early the next day.

If you follow this routine daily you’re totally improving day by day and you will be thanking us for this schedule. If you don’t believe try it for 21 days and see the difference.

Thank you.

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