What if you die today? A question we do not want to answer because lets face it who wants to die right. This question is as much about life as it is about death.
There can be many definitions of life but the shortest and simplest way to define it would be absence or non-existence of life. We die because we have life. The fact that we have death adds life in our lives.


There are five types of death namely-natural, accident, suicide, homicide and undetermined. According to WHO the most common cause of death around the world are stroke and heart disease.
Different cultures and religions have different views about death. Some believe in life after death and others believe that there is one life only. These views about death in different religion are very immense. Even then we have no idea about what actually happens after death. After death the body decomposes and becomes a part of the world again. However there is a concept of soul which is believed to remain even after the body decays. Again there are no means to prove it.

Worldwide average life expectancy is 70 years. There is no ideal age to die. Some people want to get old and die and others want to die young. Some others don’t think about death and their call comes unexpectedly. Some people even wish to die maybe because they are suffering from a terminal disease or because of social conflicts or other reasons. While getting such thoughts are natural to old people , today we can see young boys and girls having thoughts of killing themselves to avoid facing the world. On an average 123 suicides happen per day. 90% of people who died by committing suicide were suffering from some kind of mental illness. Help is available but people mostly avoid seeking out due to a preference for self reliance and/or shame or stigma attached to these diseases.
After the death of a person , it is the friends and family , the near and dear ones who suffer. Sudden deaths in family are the most difficult to cope with for the loved ones because they do not get time to get used to the idea of living without them. One thing that relieves others in this case might be that their loved one passed away so quick and hence it might be a painless death.


The pain of loss of a life is unbearable but it becomes less and less painful as the days go by. Its very important to get the feelings of grief out by crying shouting or mourning.

While having fears about dying, one day is normal , it should not stop us from discussing our fears with our family. One should be prepared to die at any moment. While alive we should be good to others and make peace with all people because life is temporary and once people die , there would not be any chance to make penance. Life is short and death is inevitable , live it the best way possible .


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