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Our fifth and the last most important point of Self- Improvement is our DIET


Diet plays an important role in our life. Diet plan needs to be perfect the whole time, like how many proteins you’re getting in a day or what liquids are you consuming in a day. If you are eating fast foods once a day your body will get lazy after eating them because it takes a lot of energy to digest the highly cooked products where as a good home cooked food in adequate amount will not make you feel dizzy.
Amount of liquids to consume in a day:-
Minimum 2 liters of water
You need to have a sip of water every 15 minutes as said by our Indian guru’s even if you are not thirsty this let your brain and body work properly with good efficiency.

Plus proper intake of water can also make you lose your extra weight but you have to do that on proper schedule like drink water half hour before every meal will reduce your calories count of that meal. Water intake also helps you digest your food properly as it helps you absorbs nutrients from the food. You can also have some soup in the evening which can make you hungry in the evening for dinner which can help you with a good sleep and your schedule won’t fall behind.

Now what makes us think that diet can help you in self-improvement?
If you not having a good diet throughout the day then you might be lazy and tired at work by this you won’t be 100% efficient on your skills and eventually it will affect your self-esteem likewise proper diet will keep you healthy and fit will automatically help you in building good confidence.

What should we eat to have a good diet:-
• Bananas
• Brown rice
• Coffee when you’re tired
• Eggs in breakfast
• Oranges
• Nuts
• Popcorn is the best snack whenever you are late night hungry.
• Green tea twice a day
• Leafy vegetables are high in protein
• Fatty fish
• Tandoor cooked vegetables and chicken

So this was the last step for self-improvement program. I can guarantee if you follow each and every step in this whole process if mere 30 days you will start to feel very different in everything you do or think.

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