Emotions in terms of Spirituality

By no means am I trying to prove that I’m wiser in any way, because I know I’m not. All these things I’ve learnt, some from personal experience and some from others experience, and most from the Holy Spirit. So before finding Christ I was just like any other inexperienced kid, I used to let my emotions/my feelings make my life decisions, right from the small ones like what and when to eat to more significant ones like “on whom/what should I invest my time”. Now it wasn’t that hard to realize that this was a dumb idea, a wrong way to live. I realized that my feelings emotions, my heart, it lacks LOGIC, REASONING. It’s just a source of all the desires and negativity. As soon as I realized this, I just took it on myself to annihilate completely every emotion in my or just bury it deep.
One thing that separates us humans from animals is SCHEDULE. The animals do things simply out of instincts. They eat when they feel hungry, sleep when they feel sleepy, and mate when they are moved by the hormones. I didn’t want to live this kind of a life of an animal and thus I thought it’s a good idea to stop these emotions completely, and it did made complete sense.

Just because it made complete sense doesn’t means that it’s right.
Over the years in this walk I made my heart so hard to any kind of emotion/feeling and became so insensitive. Not that I’ve stopped feeling emotions but I just trained myself to just deny and bury them all as deep as possible. Be it anger, fear, discomfort, Attraction, excitement, name it. I gave it the name of “self-control”. Well it all made sense until recently, coming closer to God’s word i.e. Jesus, praying every day and hearing him more clearly I learnt this one thing. That emotions are not all ‘bad’ because God himself sometimes may use emotions to communicate. Though emotions are not a very reliable source, neither are they much trustworthy, yet they are as real as yourself. So I realized that my whole concept of self-control is messed up all along. Self-control is not the ability to kill and bury all your emotions but in simple words self-control is skill of filtering, testing, checking, redirecting them before letting it affect your actions, and so just like any other skill it takes time and effort to learn. Your emotional and conscious side should not be your 2 side fighting against each other but your 2 parts working together for your best, keeping your conscious part more dominating than your emotional one. Grab your emotion bring it to logic and ask God to bring clarity. This is where the knowledge of scriptures comes in handy Because God is not the only one using emotions as the mode of communication but also the “evil one” and our very weak flesh is right there. That’s why Bible gives so much importance to the presence of mind and staying alert. That’s why not drinking but getting drunk is a sin. The devil is waiting for the moment we lose our control and he may devour our soul.

Every emotion needs to be dealt in a different way.
Like fear, instead of just denying it redirect it for your own protection and growth.
Instead of losing your control in anger redirect that energy to bring a positive change.
Instead of letting attraction turn into obsession or a distraction use it to bring positive change in others. (It doesn’t have to end up in a romantic relationship).
Just a few examples.
Now here where self-control comes in, to achieve the above. Though it’s much more difficult to do than to say. But it’s much easier to do than to regret later.

In simple words don’t let your emotions jerk you around and don’t let crush them either, but get a control over it, through discipline bend these emotion to something more closer to perfect.

All glory to Jesus.

-Desmond Peris

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