Expectations from college

Students generally form opinions about college life from movies. They create a facade of unrealistic unlimited freedom and with that breaking of every boundaries and some rules maybe!

College life is thought to be the most chill period of one’s life. While it is true to some level, this information is not to be taken for granted.

Here are some bubble busters of college life that might come as a reality check.

Not really a celebration

Many think that college life is all about events and partying forgetting that they still remain a student after all. Managing time and saving up money for partying is like a juggling act. College does open up opportunities to hanging out with friends and exploring different places in the city.

Fairytale love story

The hype of getting into a relationship as soon as college starts where eyes keep on searching for a soul mate, lasts as long as the first week in college. While college romance is widely famous and every student might have a romantic story of their own or atleast an idea in their head about what their partner should be like , it is not a cakewalk and requires hell lot of commitment and maturity which probably freshers will get to know after their first heart break.

Limitless freedom

It all depends on how cool your guardians or your warden is. One might get a little more than usual freedom in some cases for instances while choosing clothes for wardrobe or getting official documents like driving license. However, one must know their limits and be wise.

No uniform no rules

Wearing new dress to college everyday might appeal one but in real, one might land up on thin ice with wanting new dress every week and being confused about what to wear the next day at college. Rules are everywhere and as a responsible person it’s important to abide by them and to stay away from problem .


One for all; all for one

True that with college one expects to make a lot of friends. It is this time that is crucial. Selecting friends in college is the most crucial step in college that will determine the future in the college. Its important to have a social life but expecting it from people early in college life might lead to disappointment. Nevertheless one goes out of college with at least one friend who will not only have stories to tell about you but also will live them with you.

No doubt college is a ride of adventure and lots of new ventures. It is like a rollercoaster ride , if it goes up ,it will come down but nonetheless the journey will be exciting and worth the ride. So question everything so that you learn. Raise your voice against injustice. Most of all stay true and always remember that everyone is unique and so will be their journey.


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