Feminism of modern day

Feminism came in several waves from 16th century in the western world , from basic human rights to equal pay to dressing up as they liked women around the globe have been successful in more or less breaking stereotypes and rules set by patriarchy. It is 21st century and still women and men feminists are frowned upon by the society. Feminism means political , economical ,social and other equality of the genders . However feminism is such a taboo among people of all ages even youth ,both young women and men. Why is it so? Mrs Kareena Kapoor Khan a very famous Bollywood actress once in an interview said “I’m not feminist but I think women and men should be treated equally” , Kareena is an Oxford graduate. Feminism ≠ women empowerment. Our understanding of feminism is so wrong it refrains us to associate ourselves with the term. Women Rights are human rights, Women on a day to day basis go through a lot physically, mentally, psychologically, socially and lot more. Men too face every day problems which need equal attention. This modern wave of Feminism is almost like hate on men ,why do we hate men ? Say things like men are dogs ,we don’t need men and other harsh things to men and then say things like why are men misogynistic ? Hitler felt there’s no need for Jews and Jews hate Hitler, a lot of do. Modern wave of Feminism is so confined and narrow that it only addresses the problem of a small section of women that is the high and middle class, caste or coloured women. The rest of the women who contributes to 70 % of women race are ignored. Day to day problems of men are also ignored as they are expected to be “strong” enough to handle their problems. Pseudo feminist wants equality but won’t pay bills expect men to work and earn. If Women can do anything why can’t men? Why do we expect men to be the bread winners, do hard labours , do dirty jobs like cleaning sewers. We need men as much as we need Women. We need to embrace a man and don’t expect them to be
strong and numb to emotions robots. Our such expectations and wrong parenting led men to doing hideous crimes like rape etc. When there is a sense of authority in a human they tend to misuse it and that’s a human nature. We need to teach girls they’re as strong as males and boys that they are as soft as girls, not to hate any gender rather embrace each other.
Queer males , females and others need equality as well, we tend to forget them and hence they have their own set of movement all together i.e. LGBTQ pride. This is a sub part of feminism to deal with equality of these gender groups. We should not frown upon any gender and teach the future generation to learn and embrace about every gender regardless and world shall be a better place then. Feminism should not be a narrow concept especially in India where we have all sets of diversity. Patriarchy in India is a very sensitive and sad topic. States like Haryana,U.P, Bihar etc. Women and men are the worse Victims of patriarchy. Women should be treated like humans not less or more. If we start doing this crime against women would completely vanish one day .
Till then just teach yourself and kids to embrace beauty and aesthetics of all the genders and unlike the contradictory statements given by our elders , Women empowerment and queer are in our Hindu mythology and “culture”. Women in Hindu mythology are more powerful than men. Queer were gods themselves. So let’s embrace and redefine our understanding and meanings of gender groups and feminism.

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