Good To Go Workplace Hacks

Office desks are the places that stay completely in our hands. However most of the time they are witnessed as cluttered and messed up. Messed up desks and cabins often makes the employee anxious especially at times of deadlines and submissions. The space is too less and the files and other equipment are more in number, therefore it becomes difficult to let everything settle at their place because technically there is no space. Isn’t it an issue for every employee? However one can cater to it with some smart and effective ways that take less space and organize a good number of things. The ways are simple and prove to be productive enough. 


Good To Go Workplace Hacks
Good To Go Workplace Hacks

Here are some hacks that will help to clear the mess in little or no space-   

1. Smart way to clean keyboard keys- it is proved that the keyboard does contain a good number of germs. These germs get deposited in between the keys. The dirt or some particles also settle resulting in malfunctioning of some keys. Cleaning them is mandatory yet not difficult. One just needs a clear tape and toothbrush. Roll the clear tape inside out and move it on the keyboard, the crumbs and solid particles will get stick to it. After that gently brush the keys with a toothbrush, it will remove all the dirt present securing the keyboard. To make it germ-free use of anti-bacterial wipe is highly recommended. 

2. LED rope lights- during these quarantine time work from home is everyone’s call. However one tends to miss the office space and desk after just a few days. Working on a boring home desk makes one feel pathetic and passive. The quick solution to it is just to invest a very little amount of money in LED rope lights. The desk will illuminate with a bright light which will keep the mood fresh and more focused on the targets assigned. A good working area encourages tireless efforts which help in meeting the targets before the deadline. They are easily available at any electric store or online shopping apps. 

3. Spice racks coming to rescue- the office supplies include several things, they are the things that one might not need every day but are essential. Instead of opening the drawer and finding everything tangled and sparing extra time to untangle them, grab a spice rack from home and adjust it to your desk. Keep all the things separately in the rack and save those extra minutes of your day to grab a cup of coffee.

   4. Blinder clip or hanging delicate things- office equipments include some daily delicate stuff that are essential and important for the work. They require some extra space from already less space provided; their breakdown may call for a big compensation. To avoid such causalities grab a readily available blinder clip. Tie the end to the wall, securing the other with it. This comes out as a hanger where one can easily hang delicate stuffs such as headphones or cables. 

5. Add a plant- plants never fail to create a positive aura all around. Office hours are often filled with tension and workload. To normalize the environment and ace the productivity, planting an ornamental or any inside growing plant is effective. It keeps the person calm, positive and maintains a good working environment.

6. Old CD as coasters- one can easily find some old and discarded CDs at home or office. This is the best useful waste craft. Decorated CDs appear very beautiful. They are used as coasters and can also be used to balance wobbling furniture that is an asset for the company.

7. Keeping sticky notes- the worst thing for an employee is, when already stuck in some crucial work, one or the other senior comes up and dictates another work and goes away. At that moment being already engaged one tends to forget it. Also, there are times when the deadlines also slip away from the mind, which results in huge problems and financial losses. To avoid such incidents, always keep some sticky notes ready in the bag. As soon as one gets to know about anything important, write it down on it and paste it at the place which is just in front. This won’t let one forget about anything crucial and remains fresh in mind even if it is far away.

The smart techniques save a lot of time and space. They also prevent from chaotic situations and prove helpful. The best part is that they involve little or no cost, hence are economical.


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