Guidance-How a Single Word From You Can Change Somebody’s LifGuidance-How a Single Word From You Can Change Somebody’s Life

A Word from you can change somebody’s life, either it can be in a positive way or it can destroy a life so always think before you give any kind of guidance to people.

How it affects other?
Every being on this planet has a power, the power of our mind. Our mind has great capabilities but we don’t use it that way as we have many useless things to focus on. The thoughts which pass through our mind are responsible for everything that happens in our life. We even have a subconscious mind which is 24 hours active and our sub conscious mind is the main reason we adopt everything which happens around us, which we see, what we hear.
Now the part of Guidance you are serving to other people on daily basis which you think is not such a big deal whereas it leaves a huge impact on the person you have been suggesting all the time. So whenever someone asks you for help in any decisions always think before you advise as it may affect it throughout their life.

For e.g.:
X is asking Y for help in his future studies like X has just passed his 10th standard and is a topper in science but he does not have any idea of what stream to choose for future studies and he asks his friend Y to help him understand that what he should choose for future studies. Now Y is very weak in Science and is very good in math and he knows that he is going to choose accounts for his further studies so hattaie according to him accounts is easy and science is difficult. When X is asking for a suggestion for the further studies Y is suggesting him to also go for accounts as his further studies as he is good in accounts.
So in this X is good in science and Y is good in math but Y wants X to join accounts because it’s easy for him. This guidance can change the life of X, so always be clear of what you are suggesting others.

How can you make others life better if you have good knowledge?
If you have some good knowledge about anything, you should not share it verbally to anyone, write it down or make a video or make an example but just sharing it verbally will be a waste and it will not benefit others. The main reason of passing the information or knowledge in a video or in writing is that when verbally explained the information is only 50% passed but in writing it is easy for the other person gather the information.

-Siddharth julka.

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