Healthy Living


“The greatest wealth is health. “ Healthy living is a boom in one’s life. A healthy person is one who is both physically and mentally strong. Our diet plays a very important role in keeping our bodies healthy and strong. Doctors also put stress on healthy eating for both healthy and fit people. One who follows a healthy and balanced routine never fall ill. According to them, medicine will affect the body only when we take a proper diet with them. We should take a diet according to the area where we live from as the food item available at that place is good for us that will help to boost our immunity. Our diet should be divided into


1. BREAKFAST – taken between 8.00 am to heavier then other meals should be done within one hour of waking up.
2. LUNCH – taken between 12.00 pm to 1.30 pm- include carbs and proteins.
3. DINNER – taken between 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm – consume in less quantity as compared to other meals.

In our whole diet, the one-fourth part is a liquid diet. Along with a healthy diet, one should do workouts like gyming, running, aerobics, yoga, etc. Nowadays most of the people are facing a problem of OBESITY. A small change in your lifestyle increases your life span.

Healthy Living
Healthy Living


Some tips which you can add in your daily routine for healthy living:–


For a healthy living, one has to take at least seven hours of sleep in a day. And sleep early in the night and wake up early in the morning. Follow the saying “Early to sleep, Early to rise “. If you wake up early in the morning then your morning diet will be skipped.


In our whole diet, the one-fourth part is liquid. Drink at least 7 ltr. Water in a day to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking more water is beneficial in many ways it helps you in your skin problem, hair problem, digestion problem, etc.


Meditate yourself for at least half-hour so, that you can relax your body and mind from your daily hectic routine.


Eat that food that contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, and calcium. Don’t eat junk food like pizza, burger, pasta, etc. It increases fat in your body as it has a high amount of calories.


Never skip the meal. If you skip the meal then there is a chance to gain weight and the metabolism rate also gets down and causes obesity.


Don’t do overeating. Eat according to the requirement.


Take a mini-meal in your diet like in the evening and before lunch. In your mini-meals, you can eat dry fruits, fruits, or in the liquid you can take the juice. Mini meals help to cover the bridge between your main meals. For a healthy living take a proper diet in a proper amount do workout to keep your body fit and strong.
“ Stay healthy and stay alive “

By Kirti Chopra

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