How to discover your Personal Style

Personal style is defined as one’s own taste of ensemble of clothes and accessories. It is the originality in the choice of fashion that makes one’s personal style unique. It can be that chic dress or those cool shades over a pair of casual jeans and tees, but they make one’s personal style statement. It is high time you stop following fashion trends blindly and create your own. It might seem tricky to find one’s own style, but once discovered, every day would feel like a ramp walk!

Where to begin?

Go for a shopping spree and pick up dresses, tees, jeans, tops, sneakers, heels or accessories that you think will enhance your existing looks and body type. Check out and try the outfits that complement your natural shape and make you feel confident about yourself. It is extremely important to keep one’s comfort and taste in mind. Do not try to force your body into that size that is in hype, see what suits you. You can take inspiration from your fashion gurus or influencers, but avoid copying. Take an element from it and something of yours to create a new look. Play with colors, try news shades of the palette and you are bound to find what suits you the best. You might love floral prints, or plain monochromes or have a classy style or the look of the girl next door. Whatever it may be, just flaunt it like a pro! 

Mastering the art

Practice the trick of mix and match, it’s a fun experiment to step ahead in the fashion game. Add accessories to your look with shades, boots, handbags, earrings, whatever your taste maybe. Keep a signature look that defines you. It may be accessorized with a scarf, or a timeless piece of watch, or just a sling bag. And remember these are just suggestions, you can choose what you like. It’s crucial to style according to the occasion and company as well. Your date look and office look can’t overlap. So arrange your wardrobe accordingly that allows you to make a style statement wherever you go. Do not be afraid of repeating them, wear them as often you like. Take pictures of yourself, it is a part of the process, and you need to see what an eye turner you are. Find your inspiration, it may lie where you least expected it to be, like nature, or your art class!


It’s not just about clothes

Let me break it down for you, the most essential requirement in discovering your personal style will be your confidence in yourself. You need to shed the fear of judgment of people, because they cannot handle originality, but you need to cling to it. Finding your style is like finding a part of yourself and presenting that to the world, as a form of expression. Step out and own your look, without being conscious of other’s looks or opinions. Be original and you will feel no less than a model. 

 – Aarshbhi

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