How to impress a girl

It’s a very difficult and an easy question side by side. Firstly it’s not your call to decide that a girl is impressed by you or not and don’t even try to think about that also, because it won’t make any difference.
So Rule No 1. – Never wait for her message or call, you should message her instead.
She will never initiate a conversation or send you a message whether she’s impressed or not. If you want to be on the level that she will call or message you, you must be loyal to her, focused on her choices, genuine in nature & especially girls want a non-showy kind of guy.

If you like some girl for the first step I recommend you to talk to her normally don’t treat her like a queen or something because that might not help you. She might have an idea that you like her so you will lose your chance. Secondly don’t bother her that much on what you want her to do or what should she do. If you really want to help her then just don’t interfere in her personal life because girls don’t like it at all, they want their own space always.
Now if you want to impress her, ask her out on a date, take her out to a sophisticated coffee place. Pick her up from her place; always show a little gesture like opening the door for her, getting the chair for her. Let her order what she wants to eat, most important- PS: Always pay the bill. These are few things which you might be thinking that doesn’t matter but frankly speaking these are the things which will make you a gentleman for her.
Always be polite with her, respect her and her friends. Never bitch about her friends or family what so ever the situation are. Take some time before expressing your love to her, always stand for her. These are the basic things but usually guys don’t do all this they just want her straight. So let me tell you straight if you really like her then all your efforts are worth it and if you don’t want to do all the above things then there are many guys like you so why will she chose you over them.
Efforts are always noticed and at the end if she is interested she will be yours and if she is not interested in you then don’t feel bad, you will get the best girl for you after a while.

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