How to make your girlfriend feel special?

Is your relationship lacking the old spice that you had?

Did your girlfriend tell you that you are not romantic anymore?

If your girlfriend is special to you just remind her that she is extremely important in your life and she is very special in your life and here are a few tips to do so:

• Compliment: Compliment her on her efforts if she does something to change anything then notice that changed and acknowledge that with a cute compliment whether she changed her hairstyle or she changed her dressing sense or she is trying something new if changed some furniture and that looks more aesthetic . Compliment her on her styles and how she has a very good sense of aesthetics and sometimes just give her a simple compliment on the way she looks her hair or her dressing sense anything just simple compliments from you can make her day. You can also compliment her on her achievements and her intellect this would also make her feel very special and would make her feel that you appreciate her completely

• Cook her favourite meal/snack: Cook her favourite meal or her favourite snack and make her day she will appreciate the effort a lot and that would make her feel very special you doing something as sweet as cooking for her is very cute and she would feel very special.

• Randomly call or text her to say that you miss her: Just randomly call or text her and say that you miss her a lot when you actually miss her this will make her feel that you are thinking about her and that thought would make her happy or smile.

• Make a sweet handwritten card or a letter: Card making was the sweetest thing that we used to do when we were a child, so make a card for her and she would definitely keep the cards safely with her and it would make her feel loved and very happy or simply just put down all your thoughts and love for her on a beautiful sheet of paper and prepare a beautiful hand written letter for her and the simple effort would make her very happy

• Help to seek and find opportunities related to her goals or career: This help can be of finding resources for her small petty everyday goals to her big career ambition if you are finding opportunities for her it would make her feel like you care and you think about her, her goals and her dreams and that would make her very happy and she would feel very special every time you do that.

• Assist or help her in doing her work: She might have some homework ,some household chores or some thing from the work you can make her feel little less stressed out by helping her in some of these works and assisting her. This would make her feel very relaxed and special.

• Plan a fun date: Is she always planning the dates for you guys? Then surprise her by planning a very fun or romantic date that you know she would love and surprise her by taking her to the fun date and make sure that you don’t screw up anything or try to do so and towards the end of the day she would feel very special and loved by you.

• Brag about her: when you’re hype girl or brag about her in front of your parents , family members or friends, she would feel extremely special for a very long time. Make sure you don’t lie or be sarcastic when you are bragging about her just make your compliments as real as possible.

• Flirt!: One more way to spice up your relationship is to flirt again. Boys feel that flirting is just to impress a girl and one she is impressed they just stop flirting but girls enjoy flirting a lot specially from the boys they like so please flirt with her as much as you can and that would make her feel very special as she might be missing the flirty you.

• Dance: Randomly just play a song and two of you dance very closely and intimately or just dance crazy doing. Every small effort would make her smile and she would remember the day forever. A day where you two were just dancing romantically or crazy and this would make her feel very special.

• Massage: give her a nice massage on the back , shoulder ,feet or a nice head massage she would feel very relaxed and things might spice up a little by this later 🙂

• Chocolates or sweets or bakery: if your girl loves sweet things like chocolate, pastries, doughnuts etc. then buy these things for her also show to make it little more cuter just write a handwritten sweet note with the with it. A simple “I love you” or “you are the best” note.

• Buy sweet little surprise gifts: You can remember the small little things that she wanted for her like a nail paint of a certain colour she wanted ,a lipstick , hair ties or colourful pens any small little thing that she really wanted just buy it before her and surprise her and show her how much you care about her and remember the things that she says and that would make a very special.

• Try the things that she loves in bed: Pretty self explanatory. 🙂

• Join her in doing the things she like: Join her in what she likes to do, if she enjoys swimming go swimming with her, if she likes to play video games play her favourite video games with her ,if she has any hobbies that she loves to do, suggest doing that activity for the day and she would really appreciate it and would feel special

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