How to start a business?

In today’s generation everybody is willing to start their own business with a good income and less investment.
So firstly you need to think of the product or services which are highly in demand in the market. According to the market service industry is always on the boom like technical services, repair services, management services etc. they are always in demand. If you don’t have an idea then you should be thinking of a service related idea because that won’t put you in losses in any situation but the profits are unlimited.

Now if you want to start a business you need to arrange a budget for the capital needed and initial expenses like mainly for at least one year rent and salaries, you need the monthly expenses as your capital because a new business can give you profits initially but it can also take time to gain profits. If you don’t have expenses for the first year, you might not be able to continue it for a year cause of the fear of arranging the monthly expense. Eventually you will shut it down after 3 months and you will miss the earning part of your business and will face losses.

What do we get from the above part is that you need a capital for the setup and also the money for 1 year rent and salaries for 1 year.

Now you need to know that whenever you start a business you should do the work by yourself for at least 2-3 months because this will benefit you in a lot of ways. If you will do each and every thing in your business by yourself firstly you will gain the experience also and that would make you good at your work and it would be easier to teach your employees their work. One more benefit you will get from this is; your initial expenses will be less because you won’t need any employees if you are doing work by yourself.

Now you have you capital and you have your experience now you need to focus on your promotion.

Promotions begins at your customer satisfaction, mainly you need to focus on how you assist your client and after that your post sales services. You must have seen every body focuses on their client perfectly before they sell the product or service but hardly anybody bothers about after sales services, you should know that if you are giving after sales services at your best, your client will give you free promotion all the time and this is the best kind of promotion in today’s market because they usually tell their friends and they trust them so your product is easily promoted rather than advertising your product or services through banners or hoardings. If the after sales services are properly managed then you have to focus on your social media presence like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. you should know that we are born in a perfect era for doing business as we have been blessed with the internet and active social media. By the social media in today’s era you connect to 2.77 billion people in the world, so it’s very easy to promote yourself if you have a good product, great services and a genuine priced product.

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