How YouTube is so important?

In our generation (2010 onwards) YouTube is a blessing to all of us like for every single person on this planet YouTube is a very beneficial product.
People are literally earning is millions by YouTube, people with talents have a platform to show their skills to the whole world, people can learn almost anything from YouTube today. Likewise there are thousands of benefits of YouTube.
Today we will explain how it should be used by us and how millions of people are wasting their time and energy on YouTube.
First of all, the best and the important part- YouTube is totally free for public use and that is the reason it went from nothing to everything. Now if it is free, people are using it to learn a lot of things like you can learn how to cook, how to play guitar, how to even clean your teeth at your home for free etc. Now these are the things which a good to hear and good for the public also.

Why do people upload all this information on YouTube:-
I think at-least 30% of the world population knows that if you make a channel on YouTube and upload some videos you can earn a good amount of money from it. This information is open to public and it has created almost 25 million YouTube channels in last 10 years. Do you know the reason behind this, it’s the money people are earning from YouTube so whoever gets this information that we can earn from YouTube makes a channel right away.
It’s a good thing people get the knowledge from YouTube because obviously we don’t have to spend anymore to learn anything but here the main issue with this earning thing. The people who do not have any knowledge about a specified thing and they know people will look onto YouTube for this specific thing, they create some fake information and make it interesting for the audience so that they can get a huge number of view and earn well and that’s the point where everything goes out of hand.
YouTube was a genuine portal some time ago but not now if you will search for a single topic on YouTube, you will get thousands of videos in the search section and every video will give you different information cause now the owners of YouTube channels are not making videos to spread the information, they are making their videos interesting for the audience to get more views and earn more but for this they are putting up fake information and the audience is losing their trust in YouTube slowly. Obviously this is creating issue for the people who are genuine on YouTube, because if 5 out of 10 videos are genuine then how will the audience trust them all.

So as a viewer I request all the people out there on YouTube, who are just trying to make there videos interesting by giving wrong information to public, please don’t waste such a useful tool for all this.
YouTube is such a powerful tool; it can literally do the things good for a person who is searching for some knowledge for free. But these greedy channels owners are ruining it for the future generations.
Thank you so much, hope you understand and share the motive of this blog.

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