Brothers and sisters, we live a world where each person struggles or in other words fights to make his or her identity. The questions of “Who I am? “Or “What is the purpose of my existence? “ are not limited to the books of philosophy but have now become a reality in this world that is big even for an individual but at the same time too isolated for a broken soul. People long to search for something called “Identity” in midst of this noisy chaotic world of modern era. Youngsters & children are left behind like sheep without shepherds and even after having parents they are left orphan somewhere either in some deep dark corner of their rooms which makes them feel broken and their heart is wounded emotionally. The question of “identity” & “purpose” for some it’s a useless waste of time and for some it remains a lifetime question to hunt for and even for some it’s a pretty easy task to find the answers.
One simple meaning of the word “identity” which I came across while searching for an appropriate meaning is that; “the distinguishing character or personality of an individual”. Medical sciences itself has proven that even identical twins themselves have separate fingerprints in spite of being so much similar in face, body and complexion. To answer to the question of an identity of an individual we also need to answer to the question of “what is the source of the existence or the creation of an individual? ” and the evangelical protestant apologist Ravi Zacharias puts it very interestingly that is to examine the source behind any spectacular intelligence that exists in this world. It is because answering to this question we get to know what the worth of a human being is.
For Atheists it becomes a baseless argument but I as a Christian can answer to this question by quoting from the first book of the bible i.e.,
Genesis 1:27 that says, “God created mankind in His Image.” And it is indeed beautiful to know that the image of God according to the Bible is “Love” (1 John 4:8 & 16) & “Holiness” (1 Peter 1:16; Psalm 22:3; Isaiah 57:15). I know with confidence that since I am created in the image and likeness of God, my creation is not a joke for God is a God of Plan & Purpose (Jeremiah 29:11) and he desired my creation before the foundations of the world (Ephesians 1:3-6). As a Catholic I have been taught since childhood that we are created to Love, to Know and to Serve God through no matter what we do provided we are careful in discerning what is harmful and what is beneficial as St. Paul says, “All things are lawful for me but not all things are beneficial.” – 2 Corinthians 6:12. I know where my identity lies and what is the purpose for which I am created. I know that I am precious in the sight of God (Isaiah 43:4) for it is He who created me out of His unending everlasting surplus love.
We should not be bothered by what the world names us for if we are not perfect in the sight of this world then it is indeed because we do not fulfil the expectations of this world that is and will remain full of so called high standards. We are created in the “Image” of God who is all loving and merciful and what else we can hope for. Each individual is uniquely and in a very special way created for before a child is conceived in the womb of a woman, that child first conceived in the sight and thoughts of almighty god. After all this the questions are, “Have I accepted myself just the way I am ?”, “Do I yearn to be the best version of myself pruning all the good things in me ?” or “Do I even dare to stand boldly with confidence in front of this world and declare that my creation is not a mistake?”. I am meant to shine in front of others so that whoever may see me, can glorify the God who created me (Mathew 5:16). The world cannot gives us our identity cause no one knows who gave world its own identity through its name. Only the one who creates is able to name its product knowing all its pros and cons. And so is with God who desired for our creation.

-George David Toppo

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