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Parvati valley kasol is a little village in the heights of Himachal Pradesh 30 kilometers from Bhuntar and 3 kilometers from Manikaran sahib. Parvati valley kasol is basically on the riverbank of Parvati River titled as one of the best places in the world to get away from the noises of the city and relax in the mother nature.

Parvati valley kasol is vividly growing as a tourist place because of its ambiance of cafes, camping huts on the riverside and most importantly the natural beauty and western culture. parvati valley kasol is not a high-class luxurious place but a very clean and cozy place to be in. The Parvati River raises from the Man Talai glacier below pin Parvati pass and is diverted to different places like Lahaul & Spiti also. The village parvati valley kasol mainly gets the attention because of the Parvati River as it enhances the beauty of the Parvati valley. The ferocious speed of the River flowing makes a very peaceful sound which is a treat to the ears.

 You cannot feel the parvati valley kasol in a blog or a picture, rather you have to be in parvati valley kasol to feel it. Some Israeli people have made parvati valley kasol  their home and live a very peaceful life there, that is the reason the place is also called Mini Israel of India. parvati valley kasol  is also famous for one more thing in the whole world and that is the Weed farming near parvati valley kasol , all kinds of Weed is farmed near parvati valley kasol and by some reports, it is not even legal but from ages weed farming is done there. 

 Places to visit near Kasol  |  parvati valley kasol  

 Chalal trek

 Manikaran Sahib



 Kalga & Pulga

 Kheerganga trek | parvati valley kasol     

The best time to visit parvati valley kasol is 31 December as there is a huge music festival on the new year’s eve and people from around the world come to feel the nature with a pinch of music. The music and beauty of parvati valley kasol  together brighten up the heart and soul.

 If you want to feel the place in pure silence then you can visit parvati valley kasol in February as the temperature is drastically low so tourists are very less in February & March.

 Don’t forget to visit Manikaran sahib as it is well known for the hot spring water currents. It is a religious place for Hindus and Sikh people. It is also said that when Lord Shiva and Parvati stayed there for 11,000 years meditating, one day they were passing this valley, she dropped one MANI of her earrings. The MANI of the earring was lost in the river. Lord Shiva wanted to get the jewels back to her. He got angry and his third eye was opened which is considered as a weapon of destruction. ‘Shesh Nag’ appeared to pacify the anger of Lord Shiva. Shesh Nag hissed and there was a hot spring of boiling water which rose to an enormous hight along with which several precious stones were thrown out along with the previous mani. Lord Shiva was pacified as he got the MANI back. The water continues to be hot. Before the earthquake of 1905, it was still 10 feet high spring.

 Today the whole food is cooked in the hot spring there.

There are many places to visit near Kasol. Barchaini is the place approx 20 km away from Kasol from where the famous Kheerganga trek starts. This trek is an absolute treat to the eyes as it reflects the true beauty of Parvati valley. It is one of the best place s in Himachal Pradesh.Kheerganga trek is approx 10 km in length starting from Barchaini.

Tosh is a village situated at a hilltop approx 22 km from Kasol. It is the last motorable village on the way from Kasol. It is known for its mesmerizing view as it is surrounded by snow-covered peaks. It also reflects a mix of Israeli, Himachali culture with beautiful graffitis of Lord Shiva and other psychedelic images.

Delhi to Kasol |parvati valley kasol

Delhi to parvati valley kasol  is approx 600km distance from Delhi.The route is via Chandigarh to Manali highway.

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