Life In Girl’s College

Life In Girl’s College


Midnight Maggie , long night chats, birthday celebration , skipping classes, tears for love, just everything, people call it college, we call it life.

COLLEGE LIFE – one of the most important phases in your life full of emotions, knowledge, feelings, and experience. It is the phase where you groom your personality and become what you want. Stepping out of school and going to a college excites the students as there will be no uniform, no restrictions to attend the class, etc. Selecting a college is a harder thing whether to choose a girl’s college or a co-ed college. What will you take for a complete girl’s college? It attracts a dozen myths with themselves, but are they all true? Let’s talk about the complete girl’s college. It’s porn and cause.


Life In Girl's College
Life In Girl’s College

1. In girl’s college, you are free to wear anything as many of the girls want to wear lower or t-shirts but because of boys they feel embarrassed and have to wear fancy clothes. In some of the Delhi co-ed colleges, girls are not allowed to wear short skirts or crop top. Divas will be dressed according to there choice as they have no option to show off themselves in front of boys.

2. Girls are more free and liberal in a complete girl’s college as there is no one to judge them based on the gender, Sesexism, no one to comment on your figure your body. As a woman, your thoughts will get completely changed and you become an independent woman. It is not like that in co-ed college you don’t become independent but some of the girls feel hesitant to speak in front of boys.

3. By seeing the today’s scenario sexual harassment, rape cases. Parents don’t feel comfortable to send there daughter in co-ed college. They feel relax and even they don’t argue with you when you come late when you were studying in a complete girls’ college.

4. No crush from college I.e no reason to attend the college regularly. It is a hardcore fact that most of the fights in college happen that who is dating whom?

5. In complete girl’s college bonding is superior. They become sisters more than friends and share there highs and lows with each other.
6. An introvert girl or a shy girl after completing these three years and when they step out from the college they get completely changed they become self-confident and “extrovert “.
7. Being in a complete girl’s college doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. They are boring girls who can also have fun. They can do gossip, bunk classes, make fun of classes, prank with teachers and friends, etc.

8. Most of the girls at the time of puberty feel shy and scared due to stains when they are in co-ed college. This problem is not been faced by the girls in a complete girl’s college.

9. Many girls feel that studying incomplete girls’ college makes them more empowered with extra opportunities as well as responsibilities. Girl’s college is not boring it is totally Both the college life have different experiences. It is the most beautiful , entertaining, and memorable phase in one’s life. You will create the most beautiful memories of your life here. Completely girl’s college doesn’t make you feminist or you don’t know how to talk with men you are always connected with the men. It is just you are moreover comfortable and free in all girl’s college.


By Kirti Chopra

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