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Our fourth most important point of Self- Improvement is Lifestyle


Lifestyle is all about how you live like where do you party, what’s your life goal, your friends circle, what you drive, how much updated are you on the latest technology.

Basically it’s your thinking towards your life, your interests, your attitude etc. this the one thing you need to focus on as once your choices are made you will remain the same like if you drive a alto n you are okay with it then you will be their forever if you are focused and you want a high class lifestyle you will go from alto to a Mercedes by yourself. I am not saying alto is a bad car but your lifestyle depends on many things.

Your lifestyle should inspire others to live the way you live like for example there are to people Ajay & Vijay both earn 50,000 per month and Ajay saves 28,000 per month and live his life on the left 28,000 he won’t be having a lifestyle to inspire other’s while Vijay is saving 12,000 per month he will be having 14,000 more for leisure’s that way he is doing right as he is saving also and living the present life where as Ajay is focusing on future n living the present behind. So Vijay is having a good lifestyle he drives a good bike he goes to parties he is always up for road trips.
Be like Vijay save and live don’t be like Ajay leaving your present full of regrets.

Lifestyle also depends on your friend circle as good friends will always be there for you genuine friends will help you grow. If your friends are mean to you they won’t let you have a good lifestyle as they will use you won’t let you live your life will bitch about you in public. Most importantly they ruin your thinking towards things they will make you a negative person so always choose your friends wisely and spend smartly.
There is one more thing about your lifestyle some people in today’s generation think that doing drugs or being an alcoholic is very good lifestyle but they are totally wrong, these things will only harm your body and waste your money nothing else. Don’t do drugs, if you want to have alcohol then just go with some beer as till a specified limit beer is healthy but some people are misusing this concept also by drinking extreme amount of beer which is also not good for our health and will affect our lifestyle too

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