Music as a Therapy

Music is food for the soul. Every soul finds a melody that brings calmness to them when all other remedies fail because the world is sometimes nothing more than a noisy place. The oldest musical composition dates back to the first century A.D. It was a Greek tune known as the “Seikilos Epitaph”. Humans have always been drawn to find new ways to free their minds and music has been one of the greatest discoveries.

Music as a therapy
Music as a therapy

Over the period, only the compositions and artists have changed, the magic is still alive and golden. From early regional folk song and classical music to jazz and pop, each genre gathered its listeners. As the music and its types evolved, so did the instruments. Flutes, banjos and accordions got the company of electric guitars and drums. Man sought inspiration from nature to compose his earliest melodies. Their reasons were different for the composition of music in different cultures over the world. Devotees played and chanted to praise the Almighty, mothers hummed lullabies’ to calm their babies, artists played to express their inner emotions and the blessed were those who listened to these tunes.

Therapeutic Benefits

Music therapy entered the arena as a profession after World War II. The medical world soon successfully tapped on its advantages that are now beneficial for people suffering from any kind of psychological, social, cognitive or emotional issues. It has shown positive results in reducing the symptoms of Schizophrenia and helps in managing Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s patients.
Healing Power

Listening to one’s favorite songs also decreases stress levels to a great extent and reduces anxiety. It might be Gangnam Style for some and a Mozart melody for another. It’s a proven fact that learning to play an instrument or singing contributes to building confidence and self-esteem. It’s a great stress buster before an exam that gives one sleepless night. Some people who are more sensitive and expressive tend to feel chills and goosebumps as well. And one big factor behind this is the connection to the song. The more one relates to the lyrics, the more it touches them. Singing along with one’s favorite song at the loudest is a feeling beyond explanation and everyone has done it! It feels the best! It helps in commencing a healing process by releasing the emotions building inside that no one understands.

Music as a therapy
Music as a therapy

Magic of Music

Music can be so enchanting that it can make people forget their worries for the time being, whether be it a bad result, breakup or a fight with a best friend. Music has the ability to shoo away the bad temper of any GenZ angry young man/woman. Music has the magic that makes them feel alive with every beat. Grooving to its rhythm along with the songs gives an unexplainable amount of joy, no matter at what age or which genre or how terrible the moves look! As it is meant to be taken in and enjoyed, in the moments of happiness as well as in sorrows.


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