Baba Ramdev

Patanjali was founded by baba Ramdev who is a very known personality of India for his yoga teachings.

Farmer Ram Nivas and Gulab Devi were blessed to have a child on 25 December 1965 in a small village of Haryana named bamla. The kid’s name was Ramkrishana Ramnivas Yadav. He was a very decent and helpful child from his birth. As a kid, he faced a lot of issues in his life as his face was half-paralyzed at a very young age and many more. At a very young age, he was determined to do something good for his country and fight poverty.

Once a guru came to his village and gave him some books about the benefits of yoga and meditation, Ramkrishna was so impressed by this knowledge that he went on and on to search more about yogic knowledge as he went to so many Gurukuls. He realized that there is a huge lot of this knowledge in this world. Finally, he decided to give his whole life to yogic knowledge and he left his home and went to Khanpur- Gurukul.

There he learned a lot about yoga and many other things and left his home and parents. His parents searched for him in all the possible places and eventually, his father found him in this Gurukul. His father was shocked to see him like this, so he scolded him a lot and asked him to get back home But Ramkrishna, till then had so much knowledge about the yoga that he couldn’t leave the place and he requested his father to stop asking for his comeback. After a huge argument, Ramkrishan was left in the Gurukul by his father and he again started to get more knowledge about yoga.

In the meanwhile, there was one more child of similar interest in Delhi named Bal Krishan. He was so energetic about the study of yoga and medicinal plants that he also left his home in search of Ayurveda. But he was a bit different from Ramkrishna. He used to change his Gurukuls so often so eventually he met Baba Ramdev in khanpur- gurukul.

Both of them soon came close to each other that when Bal Krishan left Gurukul they used to write letters to each other about everything.

Later on, Bal Krishan went to a Gurukul where he met a very experienced doctor who was doing his researches on Vedic medicines. At that moment Bal Krishan was clear that he had to do detailed research on Vedic medicines. He went on and on and on researching Vedic medicines in all the places in India and even went to Himalayas to get the knowledge of how to control hunger and live in extreme temperatures from gurus over there.

Like this, he collected a lot of information about many diseases and their cure. Side by side Baba Ramdev was also gathering a detailed knowledge of Yoga.

One fine day Acharya Balkrishan mentioned a very good idea to Baba Ramdev that they both shared their knowledge of Yoga and Vedic medicines to everyone as it might benefit the world.

Baba Ramdev accepted the idea and they both went to Haridwar and started their journey of helping others.

Slowly people were getting better by their advice so people started referring them to others also.

By the time they both realized that their knowledge was helping others so they began to go to different places to help others. Time was passing and their Yogic knowledge was increasing with time. Finally, they met swami Karamveer who helped them to make an institution in 1995 which was named Patanjali.


Ramdev Baba is a keen yogic guru who educates people about the benefits of yoga and ayurvedic treatments for diseases and lifestyle. His institution Patanjali has a huge number of stores around the country named ‘Patanjali store’. Patanjali stores have medicinal as well as lifestyle-related products that are derived from purely natural resources.

Baba Ramdev tells people about the benefits of yoga and is so famous that his efforts made all the world realize the benefits of yoga. Now the world has even dedicated a day to celebrate as yoga day. According to Baba Ramdev, the best possible way to dodge the most common lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension is yoga only.

Nowadays there is plenty of knowledge about the benefits of yoga but very few are those who are making this a part of their lifestyle. It is a life savior so everyone should start doing it. Common benefits of yoga are no obesity, proper functioning of joints, proper cardiovascular and neuro activity and whatnot.Baba Ramdev has even treated his problem of facial paralysis with the help of yoga and Ayurveda only.

Baba Ramdev has millions of followers around the globe. Many people have started using Patanjali stores‘ products as they come from purely natural resources as claimed by Patanjali.

We wish everyone good health with the benefits of yoga and request everyone to make it a part of their daily routine. This way the world will be a better place to live.

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