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How a networking company enhanced my sales technique.

It all started when I was in college, a young 17 years old boy full of energy to conquer the world without even knowing what is it actually out there, eyes full of dreams and passion at its top. Not knowing what to do in the life attending normal collage and having a good time with friends and family. Suddenly one afternoon I get a call from a not so close friend and he mentions something about earning some good money.  Obviously I want to earn some good money at my early age so I asked him to come and meet me. On the next day, All hyped up I was waiting for my friend to get the details of the business idea.

I was waiting for him on my bike, as he was a rich guy he came there to meet me on his brand new golden colored Honda Accord, which was at that age a very rare car almost a dream car to me.  This got me a little more excited, After I got into his car he instantly starting explaining about the business which was about to make both of us millionaires very soon.

The business was about a networking thing like we will join the company and they will give us a domain and other essentials to create a website. They gave him the idea that you create a blog or something so that we can link our website to Google AdSense and make money out of it and also with that we could earn money some extra income if we refer this plan to other friends also. Now everything was cool until and unless he told me about the money we have to give to start the website and referral thing.

Guess what, I was in 1st year of my college how can I just go and give them 8000 INR in one shot.

So I got stuck in this idea of earning money in millions at such a small age and started planning to spend my money to all the places where as I did not even had the idea that where will the first investment of 8000 will come from?

Now I came back to my place, full of excitement; I told my sister about all this and obviously, she laughed at me so hard, she said all this is non-sense; they will take the money from you and you will not get anything from them except demotivation.

Now, I was full of dreams I thought she had no idea of earning money and for me, this is the only chance of my life from which I can become a millionaire, I had to do this. So I went to some other friend, who was also passionate in all this thing of earning money at young age. I told him everything about the plan and again he also laughed at me, he said that how can a small investment of 8000 rupees will make you a millionaire. Now  what could I possibly do, so I came back to my place and tried to think of some other idea of arranging the money.

I was just imagining the life after getting rich and days passed away, around a month later after trying all the ways to arrange the money. Finally I took the step and encountered my mother and told her everything about my plan. She is a very fine lady she always supports me on anything till date so she did not laugh or she did not counter questioned me for anything she just said “give me a couple of days, I will arrange the money and will give it to you”

To be continued…

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