Promises to keep

“Some people don’t understand the promises they’re making when they make them,” I said.

“Right, of course. But you keep the promise anyway. That’s what love is. Love is keeping the promise anyway.” That’s how John Green described love in the book ‘Fault in our stars’. What is interesting here is the fact that he raises the dignity associated with the word promise by associating it with love –the most intense and deepest feeling one can have .

Promise to keep blog is basically a commitment by someone to do or not to do something. Unfortunately the importance of a promise is crumbling. Its not always as complicated as one sees in movies where everything revolves around a promise but its hard not to accept that promises are meant to be kept and that it matters .
It matters because the people you make promises to are the ones who trust you. Its not a good feeling to hurt your loved ones right ? Breaking promises sometimes leads to breaking the hearts of people .

In addition to it promises stand as a symbol of integrity and uprightness. We often wonder what an individual can do to change the world, well, maybe just keep ones promises. What one does by keeping a promise is that we let people know that we are of value and can be relied upon. It makes one a person of ethics and discipline .

There are many barriers that doesn’t let us keep up with our promises and commitments. One of them is our limited memory. On a day to day basis we make promises to ourselves and others and keeping a record for all of them is difficult , however , it is not impossible . Writing a promise down will be of future assistance and also aid in remembering those promises so that we that we can actually carry them out .

Many people confuse between promises and goals . A promise can become a goal or lead to one however a goal cannot be a promise. The reason why people cannot fulfill their promises is that they hope to achieve targets which is determined on many other external factors than self determination and motivation. One way of achieving goals in our lives is that we take a small step and make a promise to make the most of today , something that you can do. Start with small, and take it easy.

In this Blog, Promise to Keep We said, No one is perfect. Not you. Not me . Not even the politicians who get our hopes high about our country’ future. We all have been hurt by people who break their promises and we all have instances to tell where we couldn’t keep up with the promises that we made. Its all alright until one accepts them and does not let broken promises break one’s heart.

To do or not do a thing is all based on one’s choice. So it’s time we make a choice. A decision to abide a promise can be the first small step to personal growth or rather success in life. Remember a small step can take you a long way. In this indiscriminate world , our decision to stand by our words can probably ignite a little hope of humanity in someone else’s life.



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