Prostitution A Legal Crime

Their eyes look at the bright beautiful sky in the hope of getting some light in their dim, hazy lives, they look at the birds flying in the sky and feel envious of the freedom these little creatures possess.
Deep down in their hearts, they want to be those birds and that sky.
Their bodies are brought down to mere transaction of money, and their identity is nothing but just a piece of serial number.

Yes, this is what a prostitute goes through. There are many girls and women who get trapped into these brothels, they are generally sold off and succumbed to work there till they pay off their debt. When a person is forced into such a profession it is like the worst nightmare one could ever have.

How would one feel when a strange hand touched your body and makes you weep and moan? Be it a financial need, forced prostitution or anything, when a woman gets into it, it becomes like a vicious cycle and there is no coming out.

These prostitutes are not bad people, they are employees of an unaccepted profession.
There are different sets of believes different people hold for this profession, on one hand, because of the legalization of it there is said to be a decrease in the rape cases in the society, on the other hand, it is believed that the concept of prostitution has come out because of poverty and the sorry state of women in the patriarchal society, it shows the cultural treatments of women as X objects who only exist for a man’s pleasure. Many feminist critics often believe that prostitution is degrading to women and often causes them to become victims of violence and rape.
There is also a big worry that it spreads STD’s.

There are also people who think that this whole idea of prostitutes and prostitution is immoral and evil.

Prostitution is also called as the world’s oldest profession and it actually is, from the ancient Mesopotamia, the priests had X with prostitutes, Ancient Greece had legal brothels, it was common in ancient Rome and was also very common in the United States in the nineteenth century.
The name Red Light Area came from the very idea of using red lights by the railroad workers. After the civil war, the prostitutes used to set their camps near the railroad construction sites and when the railroad workers would come to visit those camps, they hung their red signals lamps outside the camps so as to make sure that they could be found if there was a railroad emergency.
Talking about India, there is illegal in India, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai working


Some of them are named below:

1. Sonagachi in Kolkata is Asia’s biggest red light area
2. Kamathipura, Mumbai is India’s second-largest red-light districts
3. Budhwar Peth, Pune is the third-largest in India with 5000 commercial X workers.
4. Merging, Allahabad has a disgraceful reputation for illegal trafficking and forced prostitution.
5. G.B. road, Delhi is one of the red light areas in India where there is a peculiar thing that can be noted, there are markets for machinery and vehicles part on the ground floor and brothel above them.
6. Chaturbhujsthan, Muzaffarpur is also one of the largest red-light areas in India
7. Itwari, Nagpur an area in Itwari is known as Ganga Jamuna is a market for X workers.
8. Shivdaspur, Varanasi is also one of the largest red-light areas.

We as readers and writers can just know what these people go through but cannot feel as to how harsh their realities of life are.

– Mansi Harshvardhan

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