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Player Unknown’s Battleground or PUBG is a game designed and released by Tencent games. It is the new sensation that has captivated the youth worldwide. It was first release on play station and later on PC but what boosted its popularity was the release of the game on the mobile platform. PUBG is a Battle Royale game where the participant has to survive till the end to claim victory. But it is not very easy to do so. As the player proceed higher in the tier it becomes much more challenging. So here are pubg tips and tricks | pubg tricks to help you achieve chicken dinner-


pubg tricks
pubg tricks

l Never carry too much ammo or loads of support items like energy drink or med kits because in the end the player is not going to use all those items. For example, a player carries almost 300 bullets each for each gun. Because of this the player is sometimes not able to pick up other items like med kits or first aid. So, the player should try to carry.

Pubg Tips and Tricks | pubg tricks

-> 180 bullets for an assault rifles

-> 100 bullets for Snipers

-> 150 bullets for SLRs

->  2 med kits

-> 4 First Aid kit

-> 3 energy drinks and 3 painkillers

l The player should familiarize themselves with the attachments and the use of their guns. The compensator Flash hider and silencer all have individual function and the player should frequently change them based on their needs.

l Carry different type of scopes in case the player is using assault rifle for both long range and short range, this helps in increasing effectiveness when the player need to switch between long range attack and short range attack. Pubg tips and tricks

l Many players use the peak feature in the game very frequently but what they don’t realize is that while peeking they are becoming an easy target for the opponent as they are exposing only their head. The peek feature is good for sneak firing but after the enemy has known your location then it is a suicidal move. If the enemy is carrying bolt action sniper then he can kill the player in one shot.

l The player should always cook their grenades. In lot of instances, the player throws the frag grenade without cooking it. Cooking the grenade means waiting for some time before throwing it towards the enemy. When the player throws a frag without cooking, there is a considerable amount of delay between the throw and the explosion. To avoid this delay the player must cook the grenade. This is done to reduce the chance of enemy’s escape from the explosion. Pubg tips and tricks

l Use headphones while playing. This allows the player to have a more accurate idea of the movement around him. The usage headphones helps the player to be vary of his surroundings. 

l Always keep the guns loaded. | Pubg tips and tricks

l Always pick the armor with full health. It doesn’t matter if the damaged armor is of level 2 or level3. If it is damaged then the player should change it with another armor with full health as soon as possible even if the available armor is of lower ranks.

pubg tricks
pubg tricks


l When going for a rush

Rushing is the term used when the player rushes inside a building to attack where the enemy squad is hiding. There a lot of factors that the player has to keep in mind before rushing because if the enemy is aware of the player’s attack then they will be well prepared. The player entering the enemy territory and dying will be at the same instant. Pubg tips and tricks

-> First step before rushing is always to observe and analyze. The player should have an approximate idea of the number and location of the enemy.  Pubg tips and tricks

-> Now cause a distraction. For example, Throw a smoke or frag grenade in the direction opposite to your position and when the opponent is distracted that is the moment to strike . Pubg tips and tricks

-> When the enemy squad is confused that is the opportunity to attack. You can opt to throw Frag Grenades at them. If the player gets an enemy knocked by this then that is the opportunity to rush as the rest of the teammates will be trying to revive the knocked teammate. pubg tricks


pubg tricks

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