Ramayana Story || Advent of Ramayana From 1987-2020

Ramayana Story – Ramayan Ramanand Sagar

As time passes us, we get older and with that, comes the heavyweight of responsibilities.

Being a millennial comes with its own heavy lifting and burdens, it most certainly comes with our responsibility to catch up on all the good movies and TV shows, watch them ( not less than 2 times, because obviously). Then comes the work which is as hard as pouring concrete, analyzing almost all the interviews of the actors to get that extra insight on the show. And after weeks of encouraging or begging others to watch the show because itʼs just so good and we need someone to discuss it with, we finally choose to get over it.

Advent of Ramayana
Advent of Ramayana

Thereʼs no better time to binge-watch everything on our great, well-worked lists than now when our already monotonous lives are put on hold.
Being a couch potato without feeling guilty can bring us pleasure which is far greater than unlimited fries?

I personally was very ambitious to follow up on my great lists which included all the great B&W classics, Tarantino movies, the 3 hours 40 minutes – Gone with the Wind and whatnot, I was tempted to watch all the seasons of Money Heist, Big little lies in one sitting but then instead I switched to something which I never believed I would enjoy.

Yes, 9V00 am/ pm I switched to something traditional/religious. Never really thought
that Iʼd is so hooked like 90% of the Indians today, to a serial which was made in the 90s.

I am talking about the great Indian epics. Ramayana  Story and Mahabharata. As much as the Hindu religion is infused in it, there is so much more to what meets the eye.

The well crafted and chosen characters are one of the features which make an epic like Ramayana Story, great.

People from all around the country remember Arun Govil and Deepika chick Alia for their memorable role in the series. Their impactful performances have got people calling them the real personification of Lord Rama and Sita.

One behalf of around 120 CR Indians, Iʼd like to say that no other person couldʼve done justice to the role of Ravana other than Arvind Trivedi. He is most certainly the most admired Ravana, of all the versions made of Ramayana Story . His acting brought evil in Ravana’s eyes and life into the character.

Ramayana Story – Ramayan Ramanand Sagar

The VFX used in the series might seem less than ordinary to us in the 21 century but at the time of the release, it was considered revolutionary. And also, even if there is a remake of this epic, itʼd definitely not stand any chance of gaining as much popularity as the 1987 version.

During these mundane times, when 90% of the population are jailed in their humble abodes, passing time with almost any activity, the breakfast and dinner time is set aside when the whole family together watches and interacts through the medium of this show.

The irony is when at first the show was telecasted on weekends, people closed down entire markets, found the nearest TV because not everyone had the luxury to own a set and hooked themselves to the show. Now, everyone is forced to stay inside and do nothing but watch TV because a deadly virus with a couple of its carriers is on the loose.

The iconic interpretation of an epic like Ramayana Story, created by Sir Ramanand Sagar, has been an integral part of the life of older generations. Itʼs retelecast brought memories back with a touch of nostalgia. Not only did it bring tears when Sri Ram was sent on a 14 years long VanVaas but also when Kumbhkaran dies and his brother, Vibhishan though not on his side, mourned for his death. The level of human emotions displayed and served on the screen are uncanny.

There were many reasons why for 78 weeks in 1988, people thought of nothing other than Ramayana story. There are still many reasons to why people still find it entertaining in a time when we are quarantined and why it has topped the ratings yet again.

The biggest take away we can get from watching it is not only how and why Diwali was celebrated but also the small little details.
The calmness of Sri Ram at the time calamities is a quality that only a few people possess. Obviously, he was a God, so it was easy for him, but still.
It lives by the examples of all the moral science tales we read in our childhood. For history buffs, it gives an inventive insight into the lives of people of the 5th century BCE. It covers all three spheres ( social, economic and most importantly religious )

The absurd claims of people that the government is trying to convert the religion of people through a TV Show is a fallacy.
First of all, no person can have their religion changed by watching a TV Series, even if itʼs reflecting Hinduism. A person chooses to watch it as just another epic, like Harry Potter, it wouldnʼt matter because itʼs entertaining.
Second of all, there is an emotional connection of people to the epic and that’s probably one of the sole justification as to why it has yet again topped the ratings.

Advent of Ramayana
Advent of Ramayana


Ramayana Story – Ramayan Ramanand Sagar

Lastly, on a serious note, DD National is not as popular as it was before. And the show is being telecasted on Doordarshan. It basically is serving its purpose to the people who want to watch the show and doesn’t affect the timings of other less important shows.

Apart from the usual dramas which donʼt really hold that many values in it, it feels somewhat refreshing to watch a show which is entertaining yet oozing with morals.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the last time someone broke the rules of a lockdown, Ramayan Story happened.
Stay home. Stay safe.


Ramayana Story

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