Basically self improvement consists on 5 different methods-
Communication skills
Daily routine
Anger control

Today we will discuss about our first method-
Communication skills-
Basically we all are grown up in different surroundings like friends, family, our neighbors etc.
Some of them give you positivity and some pure negativity but for good communications skills you need to be neutral like one is having a conversation with you if you will disagree to everything then he/she won’t be interested to talk to you or if you agree on everything then he/she might think you are faking just for the sake of a purpose or something but eventually you need to understand that a person should know what is right and what is not and should always stick to your points and let others stick to their point cause you don’t have to force anybody to accept your points if they find it right they will otherwise when you force them You lose your importance in the conversation and hence you are left with low confidence. Still communication skills do not emphasis on forcing your knowledge on others, good listening skills are needed as you have to listen to the other persons point of views on the topic of discussion like nodding in a little while or saying single words to the reply also helps to be a good listener if your expressions are making others feel that you are not interested in the conversation then you might lose the topic and again that is not a part of good communication skills.
Another very interesting thing about communication skill is that it has 2 parts like if you are good at talking but your body language, your voice tone, your expressions are not that well tamed then your skills will not help you that much in a conversation as if you are in a real estate business you need to wear a good suit, a nice elegant wrist watch, a nice perfume like a well-dressed business entrepreneur. A good shaped body might enhance your communication power as the other person will take you as dedicated to towards your health which gives a good gravity to you.

So not a good listener or a good talker will make you good at communication skills you need to active or well enhanced in your looks also to make some impact on others.

Always make sure your communication skills depend on the knowledge you have and how you pass it to others.
Rest will be discussed in the next blog.
Thank you

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