Shiva the untold story

The wedding was fixed. The bride was a princess all dressed up with the gold ornaments and precious jewels. All guests were gathered waiting for the bridegroom who usually is seen coming riding a horse well dressed up for the marriage but not the same in this particular incident.

A yogi enters the venue riding an ox all dressed up in his own way. Wearing fresh skin of a tiger,burnt ash all over the body didn’t at all make a good attire for the occasion of the marriage. That’s how Lord Shiva reached at the place of marriage.

As he entered bride’s mother was thunderstruck by his looks and the weird creatures who were a part of his baraat. Subsequently she fainted.
The groom (parvati) after seeing that panic approached Lord Shiva to change his attire and wear something appropriate for the marriage. Shiva agreed to her and said “okay”.
He dressed himself with the most beautiful clothes and looked like the most handsome man present in the universe.
Finally the marriage ceremony was completed.

the untold story of shiva

Lord shiva is believed to be an ‘adi yogi’ which means the very first yogi whose birth dates are unknown and who is as old as universe. According to hindu mythology there are three types of hindu gods which are creator, sustainer and destroyer respectively. Lord shiva is believed to be an ultimate destroyer which is a very important aspect to maintain harmony and equilibrium in the universe. There are several lord shiva names which are based on different acts performed by Lord shiva. Neelkanth,Ardhanarishvara,Mahakaaleshvar are some of the famous lord shiva names.

Lord shiva is worshiped throughout india by Hindus. Shiva temples are the most abundant temples throughout the country. Lingaraaj temple Bhuvaneshvar,Mahakaleshvar jyotirlinga ujjain,shree somnath are some of the most famous shiva temples. Shiva temples have shivlingas which are worshiped with a holy water pot suspended right on the top of shivlinga out of which holy water droplets keep drizzling in a continuous fashion. Shiva temples usually have an ox monument outside the temple which is considered as the holy ride of shiva. Shiva is also known as “Natraaj” which means the king of dance and music.

Shiva wears a snake around his neck which symbolizes great fearlessness, covers his body with ash of burnt wood and flesh symbolizing the truth of mortality of living beings.
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