Signs you’re in a healthy relationship

• Communication- If your partner can talk to you about anything from utter nonsense to deep thoughts to personal insecurities to any problems of the world and there is transparency and you also listen to each other’s problems patiently then this is the sign of a healthy relationship.

• Healthy Arguments- Respecting one another does not mean that you cannot have arguments. You should have healthy arguments about things to understand each other better and you should respect each other’s opinion and debate in decent language and not try to fight over conflict of opinions.

• Healthy Boundaries- In a relationship there should be healthy boundaries and you should not be clingy to each other all the time rather give each other space and time. If you hang out with your friends and give yourself ‘me’ time without any guilt of being away from your partner is also a sign of a healthy relationship.

• Trust- If you are hanging out with your friends or anybody else and your partner is not insecure about that or trust you completely when you are out on your own and if your partner does not check your phone or other social media networks of yours then this relationship is healthy. Trust is the foundation of any relationship. And if there are trust issues then the relationship is not very healthy.

• Forgiveness- Does your partner forgive and forget or do they hold grudges? If they hold grudges and dig the grave when you are having an argument then this is a sign of an unhealthy relationship and if your partner forgives you when you apologize for your mistakes and does not hold any grudges then this is a healthy relationship.

• You guys are Best Friends – Are you best friend of your partner then this is definitely a good sign that you are in a very good relationship. The cliché term that love is friendship is kind of true. We love hanging out with our best. With best friends we get a feeling that we are with our family. If you guys have very close friendship, a lot of inside jokes then you guys are partners in crime and this relationship is very healthy.

• Intimacy – if you feel a spiritual, physical, emotional and sexual intimacy with your partner then is a very good signed of a healthy love relationship.

• Stay Equal-You guys make decisions together and there is no superior or inferior in the relationship and it’s you and those against the world then you are in a good relationship my friend.

• Shared values- If you guys share common values, love for family or animals or food!! More over on humanitarian ground you guys have should have common believes.

• Support- support each other in hard days. Be there for each other on both good and bad days

• Realistic Expectations- You’re not beauty queen or king but if your partner makes you feel like you’re the most beautiful person inside out then this relationship is beautiful.

• Enjoy Togetherness-You enjoy being together, and time flies with your loved ones then it’s a healthy relationship.

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