Society and its lack of acceptance towards a nuance

From the day they are born, people are socially engineered to believe in the fact that the purer a material is, the more is its worth. Unintentionally, they apply this fact to our day to day life. They are not limiting this thought process to only materialistic things but to their own opinions as well. Whenever they are supposed to take a stance on any issue, be it a political or a casual one, people always attempt to paint the situation in either black or white. Such an approach could lead them to a rather perfect solution which will be the most befitting one for their dilemma. But, here is the catch, Utopia doesn’t exist. Society today is a place where everything is in a shade of grey rather than being in black or white. This what is to be understood. 


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Society and its lack of acceptance towards a nuance


Lao Tzu gave the idea of Taijitu. Taijitu is the concept of the existence of ying and yang. Taijitu teaches about the duality like a person. The ideology is based on the fact that in this world two energies exist. The Good and the Evil. These two energies co-exist and cannot sustain themselves without each other. Taijitu also tells that in every good there exists some evil and in every evil there exist some good. This is true in case of a personal opinion. People will always have some errors in their opinions no matter how perfect it may seem to them. The mature thing is to be prepared to accept those errors. While it is the mature thing to do, people at times are not able to imply it. Why is it so?


The major reason for this attribute in the behavior of the majority of the population is due to the way the values are ranked by them. For example, children are always taught to stand up for what they believe is right but in this process, an important value is skipped or rather is readily ignored which is respecting the other person’s opinions as well. Most of the conundrums people face in their relationship with their kin is due to lack of the aforementioned respect. What is more fascinating is the fact that even after realizing that the other person is in the right does not make them accept their defeat. This is due to the toxic ego that the society has inculcated in the young minds. Humans crave for a sense of superiority. It doesn’t matter if that sense is a false one or not. Such sentiments are very strong and encapsulating. People find illicit happiness in others sorrows as this act fuels their sense of superiority.


The society is intolerant towards nuance. If it weren’t, then things like stereotypes wouldn’t have existed in the first place. Stereotypes are a means of undermining a specific population just because they are slightly different from them. Why do such prejudices exist in the society?        


Pride. Yes, Pride is the reason behind such prejudices. People have pride in their culture, in their lineage and their bloodline. People should be proud of their heritage. The problem arises when they start considering the other person’s heritage to be insignificant when compared to their own. What is to be realized here is that every culture is important in its aspects. Every religion consists of some meaning. All these legends, fables and epics were written by the men from the past and it is hard to believe that they came out of these ideas out of thin air. The complete truth is shrouded in mystery. It is never known if the other person is right. There is a chance that one is right and the other person is wrong but there is an equal possibility that the opposite may be true. All the problems that the society has to present today, are in existence only because the denizens of this society are ignorant of this fact.


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