The Beauty Of Nature Lies in Uttrakhand

The land of God where heaven lies on earth.The real beauty of Uttrakhand where everything is so pure. The people, the weather, the food.

The chholiya dance which is done with fire on hands and with the help of a ring along with swords on both hands. The dance of the sarankaars and the narankaaras during the marriage ceremony holds auspicious for all the pahadi’s.

The Beauty Of Nature Lies in Uttrakhand
The Beauty Of Nature Lies in Uttrakhand

The entire house is lit up during the marriage ceremony of both the brides along with the groom’s side.

The entire house is decorated with a red and white colored pahadi rangoli called Aipen the white color is made with natural boiled rice water and the red color is the tilak the entire house is renovated rather painted with cow dung the natural form of paint to keep all insects and negative energy at bay.

Since the cow is always worshipped first in our religion above all the urine of cow is always used first as a holy and sacred water for all family functions. The idol of Lord Ganpati is worshipped first the idol is made up of moist cow dung (the fresh dung of cow mixed with fresh urine).

The this idol of Ganpati is made to wear a sacred thread called Juneau, the holy thread worn around the shoulder of the Brahmin and the kshatriya family.

Invitation of marriage in the form of neutral is first given to Lord Ganesha the protector of all the evils.

All the pitra’s ( the ones who have died) our ancestors are remembered before the start of any pooja or a hawan. During the shradh paksh it’s called as the “Pitra Tarpan”. The Sankalp is made with the help of cow urine in the form of gangajal in hand and the name of the dead one’s in memory with closed eyes they are remembered the food is cooked in accordance with what they once liked. The procession of marriage is conducted during the day time the Groom is considered as an idol of Vishnu and is worshipped by the Bride’s parents before he enters the Mandap. The Haldi ceremony is conducted with great enthusiasm followed by the Devi- Devta Aagaman in the occasion of Purity. Pori along with a sweet snack made up of powered rice mixed with oil is made known as “Aarsha”. This Pori along with Aarsha is offered first to lord Ganpati to mark the start of any occasion followed by offering it to the cow and Dev “AanaPurna” then this is distributed amongst all the guests gathered to join the marriage ceremony. The ladies dress in a traditional attire along with a dupatta worn on head which is of red and yellow color with heavy embroidery work done with beads and sequences followed by the design of the Shankha Naad to mark the purity of a woman. A big Nathani is worn in the nose followed by Pauchi worn on the wrist of a woman.

The Beauty Of Nature Lies in Uttrakhand
The Beauty Of Nature Lies in Uttrakhand

Tilak is applied from the nose to the Maang of a woman to mark “Akhand Saubhagya and the long life of her husband. 

The famous Kautik Mela along with the Nanda Devi Raaj Jaat Yatra is processed out in a doli where a Jaagar in the form of Jagran is done. It is believed that the incarnation of Devi and the Devta’s is embedded even in the rocks of Uttrakhand. The famous Naina Devi temple in Nainital is said to be known as the Shakti Peeth because Devi Sati’s eye Lord Shiva’s first wife’s eye fell here hence it’s known as Naina Devi.

The crystal clear Himalayans Mountains are visible as one goes to the hills. The Famous sweet known as the Baal Mithai which is made up of chocolate with the topping of white sugar is made which adds mouth-watering taste to the buds of people living here. It is a tourist attraction of all the Pilgrims and the non- pilgrims. 



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