The Idea of an Ideal Life

What is an ideal life? Let’s break this up into a few more questions further. What is needed for an ideal life? What makes it ideal? Is it wealth, fame and prosperity? Or is health, love, and peace? Can it be counted in numbers or like the best things in the world, remains unmeasured? Who decides all this? And are these things subjective in nature or do we all need our own ideal life? And the bonus and most important question of all, despite getting our ‘desired’ things, is satisfaction guaranteed?

The Idea of an Ideal Life
The Idea of an Ideal Life

The Childhood 

As a little kid, everyone has been tempted to have that one toy that one believes will make them the happiest child alive! Or let’s say having an entire shop to themselves. Gradually, as one grows up, one starts learning about how things work. Being praised and gaining small achievements makes one confident and wishful. A popular profession becomes very likable and seems to be an easy way to be a part of the ‘Ideal’ world. For most, health is at its bounty and love is showered unconditionally, so these are least of the worries. And those who lack these, hope to gain them in future and add these in their list of an ideal life. 

The Youth 

Now comes the time to turn plans into reality. The path doesn’t look easy as it did in yesteryears and the idea of an ideal life changes slightly, including the choice of career path, the wish to be loved more passionately and the wish to stand out in the crowd. The enthusiasm is too high to stop so soon and so the youthful years are passed in chasing that one ideal life that the world said would be the best.

The Idea of an Ideal Life
The Idea of an Ideal Life


The Adult Life

The social validation, the status in society, the fame, the wealth, all these things that one is taught to chase from a young age, fails to provide solace in tough times. In the pursuit of that dream life, people leave behind those who taught them to love, to live and sadly, the realization hits too late. The once bountiful health gets weaker by negligence. Their absence becomes conspicuous only when the ideal world seems farther in reach or too empty to have the celebration. 


But they said it will be enough. To have all luxuries and the status and a crowd pleased at just one’s sight. But what do they know? They don’t know that at the end of the day, a tired heart only seeks love and care of someone dear. They haven’t seen the glow of a healthy face and heard the rhythm of a beating heart, because they never had the time to do so. They are the ‘society’ we live in. Since childhood, one is told and accustomed to pursuing this life that the society decides to be a happy life. But there is so much more that one needs to explore oneself. There will always be things that nobody can ever be taught, and that includes one’s own ideal life. It should include elements of life that make one happy and satisfied with one’s existence.



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