Tips to keep in mind to bust your stress

Tips to keep in mind to bust your stress

An 11th standard student might describe stress as an event that causes strain. For students, it might be preparing for exams and for teachers it could be checking the answer sheets. Stress is different for different people. Stress is a serious issue which is taken lightly and henceforth the consequences are also magnanimous. Our smallest of problems could give us stress and unconsciously turn to a vicious cycle of day to day challenges that will keep loading up until one day when everything will come down to a small trigger and all the coping mechanisms will give way.

Just by visualizing a picture of losing a dear one might feel like a sudden upsurge of anxiety and shock. Yes, no sane person would ever imagine a situation like that because we often than not avoid thinking negatively. However, even if we never imagine a fire breakout, we do keep ourselves on the safe side by taking precautions like, for instance installing the fire alarms because, of course, our lives are by and large shaped by the “what if’s?”. So “what if” something bad happens? “What if” one day everything comes tumbling down? Is there any precaution for the mental self that we can take? Anything that would help us survive not just physically but emotionally and spiritually amidst a plethora of perpetual problems.

Here is a list of 6 ways to tackle stress and one can always remember them by spelling out stress:

 ·        Stop. Breathe. Relax

Quite often we find ourselves juggling and being strong enough to just make it through the day and repeat the cycle throughout. Taking a step back and introspecting one’s own life via a third person’s perspective will enable us to unload our massive burdens.  

·        Talk to your conscience

Most of us have no idea what vast quantities of information we register and to what degree we respond to this dense information. Thus we must bond with our conscience. Delivering a pep talk to our conscience will make sure that the mind sees the direction fed clear that eventually gets us to our destination faster.   

·        Own Responsibility

Each one of us is fundamentally responsible for his or her own evolution: thereby each of us is responsible for the past mistakes committed by us and the way we react towards the attitude people have for us. This aids in feeling less guilty and taking the path of self- acceptance.


Tips to keep in mind to bust your stress
Tips to keep in mind to bust your stress  

·        Exercise

Exercise is vital in keeping the body and mind functioning on every level. It tends to balance the energy of the body by relaxing and creating a rhythm of movement that soothes and harmonizes.  

·        Share

We all view life with certain spectacles. We may need to replace those spectacles with others. Sharing our feelings with someone relieves us and alleviate grieves.  

·        See

How lucky are we that the same God who created the heaven and earth created us. Nature is a blessing in disguise because it soothes us and calms our inner self.




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