Two But One

How beautiful it is when we see our friends tying knot with the person they have longed or secretly desired to live and die with. The day of so much excitement for friends and family to witness a spectacular ceremony called ‘marriage’, in which two commit themselves to faithfully and dedicatedly to be with each other in sickness & health, in sorrow & joy, in bad times & in good times and in life until death. Isn’t it surprising seeing our parents together after 20, 30 & 40 years ? Marriage indeed is such a great union, more than biological it is theological where two become one, which is an unbreakable bond until death.
For boys it becomes so exciting when they marry cause after waiting for so long, secretly crushing on so many and then finally dating their well would be. For girls it comes to be a dream comes true as they wait for so many years until a prince charming takes them away from their dad’s eyes. One cannot even imagine how beautiful this bond of marriage is. In English we hardly have synonyms for the word ‘love’ but in Greek there are four, namely;
Agape – Unconditional Love
Phileo – Brotherly Love/ Friendship Love
Storage – Family Love
Eros – Sexual Love

As mentioned above out of any other relationship that exists on earth, marriage is the only and only relationship that nurtures and pulls the above four types of love together making it one. The reason I say marriage is more theological union more than biological is because after the consummation the two are no more two but one. The highest rate of divorce is found in those couples who use contraception during sex. Marriage is all about giving yourself fully to the person you have tied the knot. When you say, “I do” to your wife or husband at the ceremony it literally means, “I won’t” to all the other rest. To remain faithfully and dedicatedly united to each other.

Marriage is total incomplete if it lacks the aspect of love. To love does not just mean having sex all the time but also to be with the person all the time. To love means to sacrifice. Sometimes compatibility issues destroy several marriages but love conquers all. To understand each other’s way and to take out time out of busy schedule for each. There is a difference, i.e., to give time in free time and to make yourself available out of busy schedule for your partner. Boys need little more maturity when it comes to care for their wife as it is difficult for each girl to leave everything and come to live with their prince charming. Sometimes boys need to defend their wives when it comes in dealing with parents in law. For boys reaching pleasure point during sex is a few minutes thing but for girls it takes a long time for which husbands need to take care their partner is well satisfied.
Sometimes failures & disappointments pulls away each other but to be honest it in these times that are the toughest to rely on each other is no other option left. Love builds up. Maturity of mind nurtures it. Trust is the link. Marriage is a sacred union. In Indian tradition we have the tradition of arrange marriage, but if there is no love, and no mutual understanding and no knowledge about each other’s likes and dislikes then is it even use to be in such a knot with a person with whom you shall spend your whole life with until death. Love conquers all. It is bases of all relationship. It is in Love that even pain seems to be joy. To live for each other until death can only be hoped for only in love. Think well before you end up marrying the wrong person. Once the damage done then it’s difficult to repair!!!!

  • George David Toppo

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