We become what we see

Ever wondered why a person going to gym needs to eat so much protein? Or for an artist so much he needs to be focused on skills. A personality of a person is so much important. To look presentable not just in clothes but also in the aura of the way a person sees and perceives the world.

We can imagine a situation if in a highly formal meeting of a multinational company, people present themselves wearing shorts and pyjamas. A well fit muscular man in the late 30s with an extraordinary height behaving like a 8yrs old kid can be interestingly a center of attraction or some an excuse for being uncomfortable while being in the company of this man.

Psychologists tell us what we see; goes into our thoughts, our thoughts become expressive through our words and deeds. Ever imagined what is the mind of a rapist or a murderer? The question is not what we bring out in our actions, but it is what we feed ourselves with? It is not the food that we eat I am talking about but what we feed ourselves in words and thoughts.
A person born and brought up in a broken negative environment where there is no love will naturally give hatred and brokenness in his adulthood to the society and to his family. A person obsessed with pornography & masturbation will naturally be obsessed with lust to the extent of beyond having control on oneself and will definitely tend to see every relationship in sexual terms; failing to respect with a dignity the person of the opposite gender. A person involved in a lot of reading of literature and books of good wisdom is bond to have a mind of a scholar. We tend to relate every aspect of the society to the things we love the most or the relationships we hold in our hearts as the dearest.
It’s an old saying, “Where there is a will, there’s a way” Who can dare to control us provided we willingly allow us to be used? How can there be something that is beyond our self control that we do not see yet controls us, steals our goodness and destroys the beauty hidden in or persona. If we want to come out of our addictions and obsessions it is only the way by engaging ourselves in other healthy activities like sports, music, dance, study and reading, etc.

We have eyes to see the world, but we also have eyelids to close the eyes when encountered with any unwanted image or content. Our addictions and obsessions not just become part of our life but they become our very own personality. It is important that we keep a mature control on our being otherwise we tend become from human beings to animals.
-George David Toppo

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