What to gift your boyfriend on his birthday

Birthdays are special days, as they give you a chance to make your loved ones feel blessed and unconditionally loved. And what’s a better way to pamper them than giving them gifts? But it is never an easy task to find that one perfect present for a birthday, especially when it’s for your boyfriend.

What to gift your boyfriend on his birthday
What to gift your boyfriend on his birthday

Finding the perfect gift

Boys are quite different from girls in the matter of receiving gifts, they obviously don’t jump and giggle at the thought of it, but they also don’t drop any hints regarding it like girls usually do. And all this humility makes the gift hunting a tougher task. What should one gift, a watch? Too common. A deodorant? He already has a stack. A wallet? He just got a new one. A shirt? Might pick up the wrong size….and so on. But girls, even if you manage to find some gift, ask yourself, what value will it hold after 6 months or a few years? Won’t it be just like any of those other items kept idle in his room? Won’t it be better to give him something that doesn’t lose its importance with time, rather gains it?
And…Found it!

The most priceless thing you can give gift him is your unconditional love, your unshakable trust, your fierce loyalty, your precious time, your loving admiration and your burning passion for him. And how do you give him all this? By spending the entire day with him, doing all those things that bring a smile on his handsome face.

Plan a birthday date

Doesn’t sound so tough to organize, but it will need some planning. Firstly make a list of all the things he loves, (keep your name on the top, of course). From his favorite food and drinks to the places that he likes to hang out and where you two could spend quality time together. Arrange a cake of his favorite flavor. You can also try recreating some old memories that are special to you. Taking a walk around the park where you first held his hand or the ice cream corner where he bought you a second cone because you dropped your first one. Hold his hand firmly in public and feel free to express your love for him (through words, no more PDA than hugging). These are very simple things, but it will make him feel special and cared for.

Make a card

Cards and letters sometimes express what we are not able to say. Make him a beautiful card and pour out your feelings for him, write him a poem if you can, draw a sketch or create anything that has an essence of you in it. Anything that’s original and would remind him if you and that special day. Cook something sweet for him, cookies or muffins. These extra efforts that you will put in for him will be more appreciated than a gift bought from a store. And that is because feelings are always more cherished than materialistic things.

– Aarshbhi

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