Why is insurance important?

In today’s generation the first thing that we should invest in is insurance. But only a few are interested in it as they think it’s a waste of money. Spending a few bucks per month for insurance at least for the sake of a healthcare plan is quite a wise thing to do.
What is insurance?
Insurance is a policy which can bear all our expenses at the time of a miss-happening in our life.Healthcare issues or a car accident can cost lacs to our pocket, but if we opt for a full comprehensive insurance, the insurance companies will bear that sum for us.

Why is insurance important?
There are approx. 1,200,000,000 vehicles around the globe, 6316 people die every hour and in U.S. the fire department responds to approx. 3 lac fires per year.

Healthcare issues are increasing in modern era because of the lifestyle changes. Diabetes and hypertension are the most common of all which lead to secondary healthcare issues. Since these diseases are so common,believing that someone is immune to these is just ridiculous only.
Accidents,medical issues,healthcare,fires,robberies etc. all can be covered under insurance policies. Healthcare itself is a costly aspect these days. Medical bills can easily swallow a big part of our hard earned savings.Insurance is the only savior in those tough times.

What do we actually do about getting things insured?
People are getting aware slowly about the insurances but still the ratio is very low. The reasons people delay insurance is either they don’t have money or they do not want to spend it on something that does not pay back directly.
Let us share some excuses we have heard from people who don’t want to get insured:-
I don’t have money right now (having a party every weekend which costs around 2k-4k) but is not ready to spend 500 per month for a health plan.
I don’t feel the need to give you these 500 per month because if anything doesn’t happen to me this money will be wasted.
I don’t need comprehensive car insurance, give me only third party. Reason- I will take the money from the person who will hit my car. (just imagine hitting his car on a tree)
Spending 10k for my garments outlet is too much, my business is not doing well I can’t afford it (an average garment shop has a stock of minimum 30lac, what if something happens how will he manage things)

Benefits of insurance>
Health insurance-
Health insurance can cover your every single penny spent on your healthcare like medical check-ups, medication throughout the year, any accidental issue, any health issue, any critical illness. Everything is covered by insurance companies. If someone is hospitalized for a month, insurance companies will provide daily cash also for household expenses depending upon the insurance plan.
Car insurance- Now a days car insurances cover bumper to bumper expenses which is a is zero depreciation policy. That means if a car meets an accident, all the money spent on the car is paid by the insurance company.
Life insurance- life insurance is a plan that covers the individual’s death and pays back to the family.
Likewise there is every kind of insurance for almost everything in this world. Please Google it and insure everything you have and live peacefully.
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