Why Love Marriage Is Better Than Arrange Marriage??

Marriage is considered as a life long commitment of two partners or we can say that it is a bond between two souls who takes an oath to support each other for a lifetime in every situation. Nowadays, in this modern era , millennials are prioritising love marriage more than that of an arranged marriage. Love marriage can be defined as a marriage of two individuals who choose their partners on their own based upon mutual love, affection & attraction. It’s just one feeling that makes us realize that we want to spend our entire life with that person.
So, Here are some of the reasons why love marriage is considered better than an arranged marriage:-


  • We don’t have a deadline to know each other – In love marriage, we don’t have a particular deadline that we are supposed to know each other by this particular date or time, like arranged marriages in which there is a deadline and after that a marriage a knot is tied. In case of Love marriages we can take as much as our time to get comfortable with each other.
  • We are already used to each other’s regular habits – when we are already in love with one another , we are also aware about each other’s favourite colour, music, cuisine, wake up hours, sleeping hours etc. which saves us from after married life adjustments.
  • Making up after a fight is very simple in love marriage – There’s no relationship without fights but since we are in love and dating each other we already know what exactly can calm each other’s mind.
  • Priorities are already clear – Being in love with one another, we know each other’s priorities already and we are okay with it.
  • Understanding level is strong – In love marriages , understanding level is very good, if we are feeling low then we know whom to talk to first.
  • We share an intense chemistry – In love marriages, we already share an intense chemistry , we know what makes our partner physically happy. And we don’t feel ashamed when we’re not in the mood.

-Marriage itself becomes a choice – In love marriages, marriage becomes our choice and it depends on us that when actually we want to get settle. Like arranged marriages, it is not imposed on us by our neighbours, family members or relatives that by this particular age we should get married .

  • We already know our spouse – This is the best part of love marriage. Unlike arranged marriages where the person we are tying the knot with is completely a stranger to us . In the case of love marriage , we know our spouse already and are completely in love with him or her.
  • We understand each other’s personality – Since in love marriage we know each other well, we ‘re well aware of each other’s likes, dislikes & hobbies. We even know each and every small details about our partner like how much sugar he likes in his tea or which coffee she loves. In love marriages , we can plan out for bigger and important things in our marriage , which individuals in arranged marriage can do only after a couple of years spent together understanding each other.
  • We can resolve issues in a friendly & peaceful manner – Since we know and understand each other already we can resolve all the conflicts in a calm and friendly manner.
  • It is bliss to live with someone we already love – In a love marriage, the married life becomes a journey that we can enjoy. It makes our life better when we know each other, understand each other and we are the only ones who have decided to live our rest of our life together. In love marriages, our partner is supportive and helpful for us in achieving our dreams , whereas in arranged marriage in which we have just met a person won’t be able to understand our dreams or our wishes. In love marriages, we also feel like that we are made for each other and the mutual understanding between us is better. Therefore , it’s better to know our partner before getting married rather than after getting married.

There also comes certain advantages of Love Marriage like:-

  • Freedom – One of the most significant advantages of love marriage is the freedom it gives to a girl or a boy to choose his or her life partner . It’s not like the arranged marriage where we are forced to spend our entire life with someone who is a stranger to us.
  • Better understanding – One of the best advantages is better understanding between the couples. Because they have spent years together, the couples are aware of the interests and the disinterests of their partners .
  • Trust – Trust plays a crucial role in a relationship. Because couples know each other and are aware of the positive and negative points of their partner , this helps them to maintain and build trust over their spouse.
  • Love – This is the most important thing in a relationship and love marriage itself satisfies this fact because it itself starts with the mutual love between two people .
  • A sense of maturity – Love marriage gives a sense of maturity to the couple as they choose their partners on their own which show that their are capable enough to take their own decisions.
  • Self- Satisfaction – It gives satisfaction to the couple as they end up marrying someone whom they love and know for a very long time.
  • Parent’s Satisfaction – Love marriage not only satisfies couples, but it also gives a feeling of satisfaction to their parents as know that their child has been married with someone who loves them as much as they do.
  • Better chances of being successful – Love marriage is more successful as compared to the arranged marriage because it starts with a mutual feeling of love between the couples. They both know each other very well and can understand each other’s feelings.
  • No shame – In love marriage there is no shame because they know each other for a very long time. They enjoy their marriage to the fullest without any hesitation.

Therefore , love marriage is much better when compared with the arranged marriage because it has many benefits such as understanding, happiness , peace etc.

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