Why should we empower Women?

Traditional gender roles since Stone age has been like men went for hunting while women went for gathering petty things for preparing meals. In the west , around 15th – 19th century, English women were confined to household chores and vanity of their beauty. Cosmetics for the face and corset for the body. The only job women had was to look pretty. Women were made to read just Bible and were strictly prohibited to read or write anything but the Bible. Many women would read books of knowledge, literature and mathematics to educate themselves as it was frowned by the society. In literature many women writer wrote wonderful books under the pen name anonyms as they knew no one would read a book written by a woman. How many of you know that the famous “Frankenstein” was written by a woman? Mary. P. Shelly , she too published the book under anonyms and later the printed her name. To make sure no one finds out that the book was written by a woman, Mary Shelly daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft made misogynistic characters, a theme that was common at those times.
In science how many women names pop in our head when we think of scientific discoveries? One certainly thinks of Madame M. Curie. She discovered radiology and doctors found that radiology could cure cancer and could be used to see x-rays. Madame Curie helped to save around 1 million soldiers in World War 1. She was the only woman to win Noble prize and the only person to win in two fields and multiple sciences. What if M. Curie were stopped from discovering radium , polonium and other great inventions? What if she only studied Bible and did household chores? It is 21st century now and some women still don’t have basic human rights and basic civil rights. Let’s address the elephant in the room. Why are women not making it to the top? Data survey conducted in US shows only 13% of women in the world are members of Parliament. In corporate world only 15-16% women have top level jobs and the these statics have not changed much since 2002 rather only declining more. Why is it so? Lack of opportunities? Lack of motivation? Lack of parental and spouse support? The fundamental question ‘how will you balance work and family?’. Recent study shows that married Senior Managers men in a company there were 2/3rd of them who had children while only 1/3rd women had children. Men and women who were working full-time, women contributed twice in household work and thrice in child care than men. So Women have 3 jobs while men had 1 . Who is to be blamed?. Society pressurizes men to succeed and not so much to women, data shows women often underestimate her own capabilities and doesn’t negotiate rather settles down more for bare minimum than men. Studies suggests that women and men working equally, earning equally with equal responsibility has less divorce and more love. So give girls a chance and see the world grow faster than ever.

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