Yaana cycles

Cycle sharing at rupees 5 for 30 minutes. It is a very good initiative by YAANA smart technologies Pvt ltd from Bengaluru, Karnataka. Basically they are providing a bike station after every 2 km in different cities for public convenience. In every bike station there will be some bicycles locked to the station from where any person can ride it in just rupees 10 per hour and leave to any other bike station in the city.

Why we should opt for Yaana cycles?
It is a very good initiative for going green in our country. The day by day increase to traffic and pollution in our cities is affecting our environment also public is stuff in traffic for hours which causes delays in their business or meetings etc. if our Indian public wishes to use them on daily basis we can avoid a lot of polluting vehicles, traffics and it will also keep a consumer fit and moreover it has a mobile fitness program which can be unlocked from your smart phone.

How to use Yaana cycles?
It is very simple; just download their mobile application from your app store as it available in both android and apples store. Login with your credentials and start your ride. In the first ride you have to pay a security deposit of 150 rupees and then you are ready to ride just scan the barcode with your yaana application and your ride is ready.
They also have different kinds of memberships:
100 INR- 50 rides of thirty minutes validity- 30 days
50 INR- 15 rides of thirty minutes validity- 15 days
250 INR- 180 rides of thirty minutes validity- 90 days
500 INR- 500 rides of thirty minutes validity- 180 days
1000 INR- 2000 rides of thirty minutes validity- 360 days

Yaana cycles are totally GPS- enabled so if you think you can take one to your home, that won’t be possible as the maximum amount they can charge you’re for stealing a bike is 25000 INR
Yaana cycles have a very unique feature which tells you the distance you have travelled, calories you have burnt. Their application also informs you that how many cycles are available in which bike station and the locations of all the bike stations.

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